3 Reasons to Always Say “I Love You”

When you enter into a romantic relationship or even try to maintain a connection with a family member or close friend, you are setting patterns that could affect it later on. For example, when you first get to know a new person, it’s fun to explore his or her likes and dislikes and to show how you remember those when choosing activities to enjoy together. As the relationship blossoms, there are stronger feelings that emerge, and the “I love you” phrase does tend to enter the mix. However, once those feelings are solidified and time starts to elapse, one or both people in the relationship can begin to take those precious words for granted. In this post, we want to explore three reasons to always say “i love you” to your partner.

Reason #1. You and Your Partner Want to Build a Solid Foundation.

When you use this phrase to someone for whom you feel much affection for the first time, please remember that the relationship will be solid down the road if there is a strong foundation. There is different research on the subject that you can read regarding love, but, in heterosexual relationships, at least, men tend to express these three words first. Women will wait and assess the potential value of their partner. They want to be sure they have found a good mate. If you say it, you should mean it. Don’t just try to say it to the new partner in your life so the relationship will progress to a physical one. 

Reason #2. Your Partner is Afraid of Rejection or Nonreciprocation.

If you are afraid to reveal your deepest emotions for a person, you aren’t alone. You aren’t necessarily a commitment phobe. People hesitate to say this important phrase because they don’t want to be rejected. They are afraid the other person may not say it back. Saying this phrase can even end a budding relationship prematurely if one partner appears to be feeling more intense feelings than the other potential partner. Most people don’t want to feel the imbalance in a potential long-term relationship or believe that he or she is leading the other person on.

Reason #3. You Wish to Show How Much You Care.

In a recent magazine piece in Cosmopolitan Various men in their twenties shared when they said “I love you.” Adults really range in when they first say it from a few weeks to many months. Some couples won’t even use this phrase to each other after a year of dating. If you do say these important words, you are suggesting a depth of feeling for the other person. You are admitting that you care. Your intense feelings are more than just affection and friendship. In the future, when you say it to that same person, you are trying to demonstrate ongoing sentiments of caring and love.

There are different ways to share this important idea of love with a beloved partner. Some people in love prefer to do it through the spoken word, while others are more into actions, such as buying gifts like roses or performing acts of kindness for their partner. However you choose to say it, you should always remember that circumstances beyond your control, such as a tragic accident or a sudden illness, could remove the opportunity to keep saying that to someone important in your life. You shuld always say it whenever you mean it and often. It’s not safe to assume that someone knows how greatly you feel about them, especially if you are both separated by time or distance.

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