3 Snacks That Incorporate Healthy Fats

There’s been plenty of buzz about the fats found in food and how they can destroy a healthy body. There are good dietary fats, however, and to keep your engine running smoothly, you do need to consume the right kind.

The unhealthy fats are enticing, and some of these would include bacon, gravy, chocolate, butter, cream, french fries, ice cream, etc. Foods full of saturated fat and/or trans fat have been found to raise your cholesterol levels and could lead to issues like heart disease and weight gain.

Delicious healthy fats exist, and their job is to maintain cell growth, help the body absorb proper nutrients, give you pep and even balance your hormones.

These good guys are called monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat, and yes, they’re still high in calories. The American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association both agree that these healthy fats are essential to the body and can be added to your diet without compromising your total daily intake.

Fat doesn’t have to be the enemy. Snacks made with healthy fats are okay to eat and enjoy. Here are three of our favorites:

1. Guacamole.

That’s right, everyone. Please, pass the guacamole, after you make it yourself so you can control the ingredients, of course. Mashed avocado with lime juice and a touch of salt and garlic with jalapenos makes a tasty guac dip.

It’s also full of nutritious fiber with 40 percent of your daily needs. Avocado is a fine example of excellent monounsaturated fat at 23 percent in a medium-size fruit.

2. Nuts.

Almonds walnuts and pistachios are a yummy threesome to have when you’re on the go, and they’re chock-full of heart-healthy ingredients and the good fats you’re looking for. Nuts provide that amazing crunch as a snack and are filling, too.

For example, 14 walnut halves contain 185 calories, 18 grams of fat and 4 grams of protein. They are great for keeping your arteries clear.

Pistachios are fun to crack open and eat, and one serving (49 pistachios) is rich in potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, thiamin, copper and manganese.

Almonds are another fabulous snack option packed with healthy fats and nutrition, and these nuts deliver what some believe are super fat-burning power.

3. Coconut

Head to the grocery store, buy a fresh coconut, and crack it open. Not only is the fresh white “meat” delicious, but it’s full of healthy fats, protein, B vitamins and essential minerals like copper, iron, manganese and selenium.

Fresh coconut can be eaten scooped out of the shell raw and shaved or grated into yogurt, oatmeal and other quick snacks. It offers great texture and tropical flavor to foods. You can also eat chunks of the meat as a naturally sweet snack.

The thin watery liquid found inside a coconut that is cracked open is also yummy to drink and contains fiber, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C.

Kids also enjoy watching a parent crack open a fresh coconut, and there’s plenty of sweet coconut meat inside for a family to snack on.


Healthy fats don’t have to be boring like your standard olive oil, boiled egg or ground flaxseed. There are plenty of great-tasting, fresh, healthy fats available for snacking time that provide nutrition, fiber and satisfying fullness.

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