3 Things to Know about Hearing Aids

Did you know that 38% of adults between the ages of 65 and 75 experience age-related hearing loss? This number climbs to 54% in the following years. This could be affecting you as well. 

Hearing loss can affect everyone. It doesn’t just affect you. It can affect your work and personal relationships. It can increase depression and isolation among adults. Once that hearing loss happens, it can’t be recovered. Unfortunately, there is no way to get your hearing back as most methods don’t work. 

Hearing aids are tiny electronic devices worn within or around the air which can help improve your hearing. But you shouldn’t purchase any old pair of hearing aids before you read this article. Hearing aids can improve your hearing as well as your lifestyle. Here are three important things you should know about wearing hearing aids

Hearing Aid Technology Has Improved

Hearing aids no longer make your ears feel blocked or make your voice sound funny. Hearing aid technology has greatly improved over the years. The recent styles improve people’s hearing and lifestyle habits. Feedback cancellation technology is the biggest reason why people receive feedback because they’re not wearing their hearing aids the right way.

Recent advancements such as open fittings and voice management technology in which the audiologist fits you with a new hearing aid that doesn’t make your voice sound funny. Other features include directional microphones which automatically reduce background noise so surrounding voices are amplified and clearer. 

The latest developments in hearing aids are so minuscule that they can fit into the ear canal. There are other styles that hide behind the ear. No one will know that you’re wearing hearing aids if you don’t want them to know. Thanks in part to these technology improvements, digital hearing aids can last five to seven years with maintenance and care. 

Hearing Aids Improve Cognitive Function

Studies from Columbia University and John Hopkins revealed that hearing aids can improve cognitive function. Tests were conducted on a group of seniors with hearing aids and seniors who experienced hearing loss but were not wearing hearing aids. The results showed that the group of seniors who wore hearing aids outperformed those without hearing aids. 

In addition, the John Hopkins study revealed that there is a link between dementia and hearing loss. The difficulty associated with trying to hear can overwork the brain and make them more prone to dementia. Hearing loss makes people feel alone, and isolation is an underlying factor of dementia. Wearing hearing aids allows seniors to listen and feel more engaged with others, which could reduce their risk of dementia. 

Hearing Aids Do More Than Improve Hearing

Most people want hearing aids to help them hear better. That’s the main job of most hearing aids. But they do more than just improve hearing. They can improve one’s quality of life. Not only can people hear better, but they can communicate better as well.

This added benefit can affect many other areas of your lifestyle. Your relationships since you can communicate with friends and loved ones. Instead of relying on verbal cues, you know exactly what someone is telling you. You’ll hear better in-person and over the phone. Hearing aids allow you to better communicate with those closest to you.

Nothing kills a relationship like poor communication skills. You won’t have to ask your loved ones to repeat what they just said. High-pitched noises are the first noises that people find it difficult to hear. Most children and women have high-pitched voices. Hearing aids make it easier to communicate with kids and younger women. 

Not only do your relationships improve, but your work performance improves as a result of hearing aids. You won’t have trouble listening to a quiet who’s quiet or a customer who mumbles. You won’t skip lunch meetings because you’re now able to hear in crowded restaurants. Business meetings, conference calls, events, and seminars are more productive and less stressful because you can hear. 

Hearing aids can improve your life in a wide variety of ways. You’ll feel more active, alert, and more engaged with your surroundings. These are all keys to a meaningful life and relationships.

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