3 Tips for Designing a Custom Lapel Pin

When it comes to fashion, it’s hard to stay ahead of the curve. Trends come and go and styles go in and out of vogue on a moment’s notice. Also, a sudden fashion craze can seize everyone’s attention and spread around the world. The latest fashion craze to do this is the rise in popularity of lapel pins. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Lapel pins are making a comeback as one of the hottest fashion accessories around.

Part of the reason for that is the fact that it’s becoming easier than ever for just about anyone to design their own custom lapel pin and have it made to order. The low barrier to entry has also made lapel pin e-shops one of the hottest online sales ideas of the past several years. If you’re interested in designing your own custom lapel pin, with an eye toward setting up an online accessory shop, or just to add some custom flair to your next ensemble – here are three tips to help you get your design right on the first try.

1. Simplicity is Essential

If you’ve never designed a lapel pin before, it can be difficult to judge how a design will translate into the size and scale you’re working with. One of the big mistakes many first time designers make is that they treat their lapel pin design as they would a much larger canvas. On a lapel pin, you only have between one and two inches of real estate to work with, so it’s best to come up with a clear and simple design. That means avoiding things like tiny text or fine, detailed lines on your images. While they may look good in your high-resolution artwork, they’ll turn into a muddled mess on your finished pin.

2. Work in Solid Colors Only

When designing a lapel pin, it’s also important to recognize the fact that there are limitations to the production process that will affect your design choices. One of them is the fact that you must use solid colors, typically that conform to specific Pantone color selections. Only one color should be used per area of your design, with clear and obvious delimiting lines between them. Creating your design in this way is how you can guarantee that the finished product looks the way you expect, with minimal variation from the original.

3. Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

Part of the process of getting a custom lapel pin made is to pick a manufacturer that suits your required production time frame and budget. Whichever one you choose should be able to furnish you with specific guidelines for your design that you should adhere to. They will let you know what file formats and resolutions they accept for production-quality images, as well as any limitations of their production process. They should also be able to tell you the exact maximum dimensions they can accommodate in a design, and how much of a bleed area you should include. It’s essential to follow every single guideline set forth by your manufacturer if you want to get excellent results from your custom lapel pin design.

The Bottom Line

Designing your own custom lapel pin can be an exciting, rewarding, and creatively fulfilling process. If you make sure to pay strict attention to the tips set forth above, even a first-time designer should have no trouble at all creating a lapel pin design that will be the envy of everyone who sees it. That means you now know everything necessary to get in on the lapel pin fashion craze, and to start your own online accessories ship if you so choose. Now, all you need is a design that people won’t be able to resist adding to their collection!

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