4 Reasons We LOVE Salt Water Pools

We all know chlorine can be rough on hair and that it can cause hair to even turn green or break off if too much time is spent in it. While you could wear a swim cap, another more luxurious option is installing a salt water pool so you can keep one of your all-time favorite activities without worrying about your hair.

1. Why Damage Your Skin When You Can Do Something Great for It?

Chlorine has been known to leave skin dry and itchy. Part of the reason people use aloe vera is due to sun damage to the skin. Few realize that they may actually be using more of it because of the dry, itchy effect that chlorine causes to the skin. This effect can be avoided. Salt water does not leave the skin so dry and itchy as it does not strip as much moisture. Ever wonder why natural beauty products use salt? It’s a gentle detox that can help fight acne and clean the scalp. Salt actually has more benefits the skin instead of destroying it. This effect has been recognized throughout ancient times and today. Benzoyl peroxide has some of the same benefits when it comes to killing bacteria on the skin; but, you’re not actually using a derivative of bleach when you allow the gentle balance of salt in the pool to detoxify the skin.

2. Relaxation Time!

We all feel relaxed after getting out of a pool. This is regardless to whether it’s salt water or not. Have you ever notice how many bath products contain salt in them to help promote the relaxation effect? Salt helps the natural relaxation process that cool or warm water can bestow. This is to due with salt increasing vascular relaxation. When we take death breaths in and out our body relaxes and we feel less anxiety. This effect is due to vascular relaxation. A salt water pool has the same effect on the body. Chlorine does not provide this benefit at all. While the water is still relaxing, the ultimate effect is not reached. A salt water pool does less damage beauty wise partly due to the effect stress can have on our appearance as well as its non-stripping effect on the skin and hair.

3. Is It Better Exercise?

When we’re doing a cardiovascular exercise such as doing laps in the pool, we’re tensing and relaxing the body to make the motions. Exercise is best done in a relaxed state. It is easier to push the body further in this situation. People often stretch before exercise so they do not get a cramp. Little do they know it has an added benefit. People relax when doing yoga. This relaxation is also accomplished during stretching before exercise. A salt water pool can have the same effect as we’ve learned above salt has a relaxation property. A relaxed state means more productive exercise. This creates a more productive workout. You can burn calories in a pool that contains chlorine.

4. Tired Of Those Red Eyes?

It’s obvious why people wear goggles in the pool. The chlorine makes their eyes dry and itchy. This effect doesn’t have to happen. While some might find it more comfortable to still wear goggles, as salt does cause some irritation, they aren’t a necessity due to the fact that salt is much softer on the eyes. You may be remembering those dry and stingy eyes at the beach and wonder how this could possibly be true. While dry eyes often happen at a severe rate at the beach, the same is not true when it comes to salt water pools. This is due to the much lower concentration of salt in the water. Enjoy opening your eyes under the crystal blue water that salt water can create. Don’t over do it though!

See The Benefits!

You can always test out the benefits a salt water pool can bring before you have it installed. You’ll find that it’s a much more pleasant experience with less harmful effects and chemicals than a traditional chlorine pool. The water is just as crystal blue and sanitary. There’s no reason to worry about a thing!

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