4 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Apartment with Style

Decorating an apartment can be challenging for many reasons. Most apartments are generally small and lack adequate storage space. The lease agreement may limit your ability to decorate the space in different ways. For example, it may prohibit your ability to paint the walls a different color or to apply wallpaper or other adherents to the walls. Some leases may enable you to paint the walls if you restore them to their original color before you vacate the apartment. With these and other challenges in mind, creating a stylish space that expresses your individuality may require special effort and a thoughtful strategy. These tips can help you to decorate your apartment more easily. 

Identify Your Passion 

A smart way to introduce individuality to your apartment’s décor is to bring a touch of yourself into the space. For example, if you love to travel, you may incorporate some pieces from your favorite destination or from various locations that you have visited. If you enjoy cycling or another activity, some customized elements from these activities may be added to the space. You may still select a specific theme that you love, such as modern or contemporary. Sticking with a decorative style can give your apartment’s style cohesion. Incorporating at least a few elements of your passions or interests on top of that adds the individuality that your space may otherwise lack. 

Use Lines Strategically 

Even when you choose a theme and individual decorating elements for your space, you may still find that your apartment feels cramped or claustrophobic. Small room sizes can be problematic when decorating your apartment, but the use of lines strategically can enhance style while also creating the illusion of space. For example, selecting an area rug with long lines may make a room appear to be larger than it is. This may be particularly effective when you use lines that are lighter shades of your preferred hues. Keep in mind that darker colors can make a small room feel even smaller. 

Choose Furniture Creatively 

Because space is limited in an apartment, your furniture selection should be made carefully. For example, in the living room, you understandably want to have a sofa as well as a coffee table, an end table and other features. These furnishings are standard to create a room that appears to be fully-decorated, and they also are necessary for practical use in many cases. However, rather than selecting a full-size couch, consider a love seat as well as a side chair placed off in a corner. Rather than placing a large coffee table in the middle of the room, choose nesting-style side tables. The smaller tables can be pulled out to use as needed. If you have a large, open space in the center of a living room and limited wall space to butt furnishings up against, you may select a coffee table that has concealed storage space. This can eliminate the need for a large entertainment center or bookshelf. 

Take Advantage of Vertical Space 

Another important tip for decorating your apartment in style is to maximize the use of vertical space. Many people simply place furniture on the floor in an apartment, and they make little effort to decorate the walls. This can unfortunately make the room décor feel unfinished, and it can even detract from the overall style that you are trying to create. When you use vertical space strategically, you can conserve valuable floor space while also decorating the room fully. For example, rather than using a large floor lamp, choose wall-mounted sconce lights. Rather than placing a large bookshelf on the floor, install shelving on the wall. You can also use this vertical space to incorporate some of your personalized accessories for added flair. 

Many people do not stay in the same apartment for more than a year or two. Therefore, it may not seem cost-effective to purchase pieces specifically for your current space. Remember that you can save money by purchasing pieces that may have a more universal use rather than a very specific use in a niche area of the apartment. If you do move into a new apartment later that lacks space for a few of your items, you can always store those items so that they can be used in a future rented space as needed.

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