5 Benefits of Solar Panels

5 Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar panels are undergoing unprecedented popularity these days. This is because of the remarkably good reasons to get solar panels installed. A solar array at a residence or other strategic location can actually end up being an investment. With the new technology that is being discovered in the realm of solar cells, the benefits of having solar panels are getting to be more compelling day by day.

Saving the environment through the use of solar panels

Most people are aware of the threats of global warming. Decades of pollution in the air from cars, ships and the like have created an atmosphere that is filling with greenhouse gases. Using solar panels is a solution to this problem. This one benefit alone should be enough to realize that solar panels are key to helping to prevent our planet from becoming hotter. Now that the price of solar cells has come down so much, there really is no excuse not to invest in solar power. It is a truly universal benefit for us as members of the human race.

Beating the problem of an unreliable electric company

For those who live in places where the power company is not reliable, solar panels are the way to go. The sun is here every day and even on cloudy days, solar panels produce energy. Solar is something that is more reliable than some electrical companies. Connecting solar panels to storage batteries is a better way to handle living in places where it is imperative to have a source of reliable electricity. The batteries are charged by the solar panels and retain the electricity for later. This can be a great sense of relief. The food will not spoil in the refrigerator, it is possible to see at night without candles or flashlights. It is also safer for those in neighborhoods that have a high level of crime because security systems will not go offline.

Making money with a new solar array

The installation of solar panels on an existing house raises the value of the house. For those who have their residence on the market, the solar panels act to raise the asking price. How much? A new array of solar panels can increase the value of a home by around 4.1 percent. Factoring that into the overall market value of the house can be substantial if the house is an expensive one. This is an excellent benefit that homeowners do not usually know about.

Where you live will determine the amount of the savings benefit

The financial aspect of having a solar array is one of the most obvious benefits of having them. Some areas of the country have sky-high power bills. But that is not the only variable to consider when beginning with solar energy. The area of the country is also important to think about. The electrical output is proportional to the amount of the sun’s rays reaching the panel. For those who live in the northern regions that time will be less over the course of a year. The northern regions receive less sun. The total amount of rainy days must also be considered. Yes, solar panels produce energy on cloudy days. The total output is less, of course, for those areas that have more rain. For those that have high electric bills and live in the southern regions of the country, solar panels are ideal to own simply by having to pay less on energy. This is going to be even truer in the coming years.

Solar panels improve grid security

For homeowners who have solar panels installed with a battery backup, they can help improve things for their neighbors. The usual case of blackouts can be negated by those people who are connected to the grid and have their own solar power plant. Those who are in gated communities would be excellent recipients of this benefit. In the case of natural disasters, this would be doubly true. The batteries that have been filled up by solar panels could provide extra energy for hours after a tornado or hurricane.

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