5 Benefits of Steel Framed Buildings

Space always seems to be in short supply. Whether you’re warehousing materials, storing tools and equipment, or even holding a meeting, there never seems to be enough enclosed area to do the job. If you find yourself in a crunch for room, there are five reasons why a steel building can be just the solution for you.

Reliable Architecture & Engineering

One of the biggest expenses associated with construction a wooden or masonry building is getting the plans put together by an architect. It is a costly, slow process that can put a serious damper on the progress of the project. The process is also wasteful, because you are paying an architect to design something that has already been designed many, many times.

Steel buildings are pre-engineered for your state’s code and climate considerations, ensuring not only that you’ll stay on schedule but also that your building will withstand the scrutiny of inspectors and the persistence of the weather.

Clear Spans

Efficient operation of any space is built on flexibility in layouts. Whether your steel building is for gathering people or products, open spaces are ideal. Wide wooden structures require posts or columns in the center to support the roof. These vital supports quickly become barriers to storage and movement, creating an inconvenient and potentially dangerous situation.

With steel trusses, buildings can safely cover a much wider area, yielding complete freedom to arrange contents and to move vehicles and equipment without a risk of damaging the building. Clear-span steel buildings are more efficient for warehouses, churches, garages, and countless other purposes.

Long Useful Life

Your building is a significant investment of your time and space, as well as of the functions that will take place inside. Steel is a highly durable material, and the market for it is strong. A building built of steel inside and out will give you decades of loyal service, with no sagging roof, no rotting supports, and no cracking mortar joints. You’ll also be finished worrying about termites, carpenter bees, and other wood pests.

Whether your building is for personal or professional use, you will find that a steel building will be a much more durable option than anything else on the market. You’ll spend less money on repairs and upkeep.

Fast Construction

The process of securing a site and getting permits approved can be slow and frustrating. The last thing you want is for a tedious construction process to slow everything down just as you’re approaching the finish line. The pressure of winter weather or simply the need to get the building into operation can make these final weeks incredibly stressful.

Steel buildings arrive ready to bolt together and put to use, easily erected by any qualified contractor. You’ll reach the completion date much sooner, allowing you to get your building into operation as quickly as possible.

Great Appearance

Many buildings are purely functional, but when your project is part of your home or needs sight appeal for potential customers, appearance counts. Perhaps the biggest thing you dread about a new building is the added maintenance. You know you’ll have to scrape and replace peeling paint, deal with faded and warped siding, and otherwise invest your time and money into keeping up the appearance.

The typical problems associated with wood and masonry buildings are not a problem with a steel building. A steel building will maintain its color and finish for many years, without fading, warping, or rusting. You will not have to worry about repainting it every few years or sealing up cracks. Instead, with a few touches of landscaping and maybe some signs, your steel building will look great for decades.


If you’re in the market for a building, you’ve probably found plenty of options. They’ve probably included pole barn-type structures, wood-frame buildings, concrete block structures, and steel buildings. Each has its advantages, but there is no question that steel buildings offer benefits that no other method can match. As you prepare to move forward with your project, you’ll see the same thing. In terms of ease of construction, durability, maintenance costs, and appearance, steel is likely to move to the top of your list for construction materials on your building project.

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