5 Definite Signs You Need a Roofing Expert to Evaluate ASAP

A failing roof is a major problem, one that no homeowner can afford to overlook. Being able to recognize the signs of roof failure or other major structural problems that may require prompt repairs can be crucial for ensuring that repair costs are less likely to get out of control. An experienced eye and the tools and other resources that only a professional may be able to bring to the table can be essential assets for ensuring that any roofing problems are able to be identified and resolved without issue. Failing to deal with roofing problems while they are still in the early stages could be nothing short of a disaster.

1. Damaged or Missing Shingles

Shingles that have visible signs of wear or bare patches along the roof where the shingles have gone missing can often be a sign of a more serious problem. While replacing shingles is a fairly straightforward task, calling in the professionals and arranging to have the entire installation assessed can often be the wiser course to take. An annual or even a seasonal inspection of the roof is a great way to ensure that the materials and overall installation can be kept in good shape.

2. Discolored Sections of the Roof

Discolored patches of the roof or exterior walls near the joint may suggest water damage. Leaks within the roof can lead to mold, mildew and other infestations which could become serious problems if left untreated. Few home and property owners possess the experience and skills needed to accurately assess the state of the roof, so working with a professional in order to determine the cause of the problem is often the only viable solution.

3. Missing Gutters

Gutters are essential for channeling runoff and storm water away from the home. Missing gutters or damaged gutter aprons may allow water to wick behind the gutter, which can lead to rot. Homeowners who dismiss a missing or damaged gutter as being an issue to minor to worry about could be making a very serious and costly mistake. Even prompt gutter replacement may do little to address any water damage that has already been caused.

4. Mold

Mold within the home is always a serious problem. In addition to the odor, unchecked infestations can reduce air quality or even pose a health risk to occupants in certain situations. Cracks or structural damage within the roof can allow water to enter the home unnoticed. A mold infestation within the attic, upper floors or even the presence of visible mold near the roof may all mandate a more in-depth inspection in order to determine the root of the problem.

5. A Recent Hail Storm

Many homeowners may be surprised at just how little force it takes to damage roofing installations and materials. While large or severe hail does have the potential to cause significant damage, there may be another reason to contact a roofing service following a storm. A homeowner’s insurance policy will often cover the cost of repairs caused by severe weather. Being able to address other roofing problems for less cost or having the cost of a replacement installation covered by their insurance is an opportunity that may be too good to miss.

Conclusion: Call the Professionals

While a few helpful tips may be all it takes for homeowners to tackle a simple roof repair, even the most accomplished homeowner rarely possesses the resources or understanding needed to take on a major repair. When the time comes to call a roofing service, it pays to do so at the earliest opportunity. Roof failure is often caused by a combination of different factors, most of which start off as small issues that later grow into more serious problems. Ignoring the warning signs for too long, failing to schedule repair work at the earliest opportunity or going too long without a professional inspection are all potential missteps that may have serious consequences.

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