5 Fashion Tips For Showing Off Your Individual Style

Your self-image is important. The way that you feel about your looks can directly affect your success. While keeping up with fashion trends is always helpful, the best way to feel confident in how you look is to show off your individual style.

To help you look amazing, no matter the occasion, we have compiled 5 top fashion tips to get you started on the right track. From being able to wear something new with confidence to rocking your current look with pizazz, these tips will help you step up your game in the style department.

1- That vintage coat or timeless dress?

Go ahead and try it but make sure that you have a lint roller. Also consider if it’s musty or moldy. As much as you may love old clothes and vintage treats, not all of them are in the condition to be worn. You don’t want to show up to a job interview or date with lint all over your coat or smelling like a cheap thrift store.

2. Try new things slowly.

You may be incorporating new looks into your wardrobe, which can be a great thing, but be careful. If you go too fast with new clothing or items that you’re not comfortable with, it will show. Take it slowly and build confidence in what you wear, so that the look not only looks good on your physical appearance but enhances your inner confidence as well.

3. If you love bold patterns or colors, pair your favorite item with a simple solid piece.

It’s completely okay in the fashion world to wear bold eye-catching prints and patterns. In fact, they’re more in style than ever. You can even combine prints and patterns but be careful with this. Not all of your clothes will look great together. When in doubt, combine that bold blazer or bright skirt with a solid piece. It will help you show off your style and favorite piece of clothing while still making you look put together.

4. Follow “fashionistas” on social media that tend to wear the style that you like.

When you’re stuck on what to wear or what to buy, you can always find inspiration from likeminded people. Instagram is great for this as it largely just visuals. If you’re someone who already spends a lot of time on it, you may have the habit of looking up your favorite accounts. When you follow someone with the fashion sense you want, you’ll find that you’ll begin to more easily put together outfits thanks to being exposed to ideas throughout the day.

5. “Pinterest” your idea. 

If you have something that you’re thinking about wearing but you aren’t quite sure if it will look good or what to wear it with, look it up on Pinterest or some other image site that will allow to instantly browse looks. This is a great way to help you see what you do and do not like and the many different ways that you can wear the clothing you may already have or want to buy. If you’re still not sure which type of style you’ll feel the most comfortable in, then consider taking some time to browse ideas online.


If you have a personal style; go for it! Confidence shines through the most when you’re comfortable with who you are and what you wear. If you’re still deciding on what your individual style is exactly, these above tips can help you determine a few things. Looking good is largely about feeling good, so when you’re investing in a new wardrobe or accessories, think about what makes you feel good and have some fun with it!

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