5 Home Maintenance Issues Specific to Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas, NV, has a glamorous feel to it. The lights and excitement along the Strip encourage thousands of people to put down roots in the surrounding neighborhoods. This desert community, however, isn’t free from its property challenges. In fact, there are many housing maintenance tasks that must be addressed over the years. Take a look at the top 5 home-maintenance issues that are specific to Las Vegas, NV. You’ll protect your investment by taking care of these concerns.

1. Sealing Those Exterior Openings

Las Vegas, NV, may be a metropolis now, but it’s still situated in a desert location. Scorpions and tarantulas can make their way into the home, especially if you live near the city’s outskirts.

Take a walk around the home. Look for any cracks or openings along the exterior walls. Fill them with the proper materials. By sealing the home off from pesky intruders, no creepy surprises will arise.

This sealing process also eases your heating-and-cooling costs. Because there are fewer leaks into the home, the conditioned air can remain in place. With extremely cold and hot temperatures throughout the year, this tip is incredibly helpful to your bottom line.

2. Pampering the Rooftop

Homelight points out that Las Vegas, NV, has some of the harshest weather during the summer. The ultraviolet light striking the roof can degrade it just as quickly as snow and ice impacts homes in other regions.

Ask for a yearly inspection of your rooftop. Minor repairs, such as replacing a handful of shingles, can take place at those times. If any major issues arise, they can be serviced before they really get out of hand.

Once the shingles start to really age, you can plan for a replacement service instead of being surprised by one. The roof must always be a priority with the Nevada sun out in force most of the year.

3. Servicing the HVAC Unit

A maintenance task that’s certainly specific to Las Vegas, NV, is servicing the HVAC unit. These systems offer heat in the winter and cool breezes in the summer. For most residents, the air conditioning is the most important component.

Ideally, ask a professional to inspect the HVAC unit at least twice a year. You may want to go as far as an examination every season. The experts recharge the system, verify wiring and clean off the components.

Keeping the home cool isn’t just about personal comfort either. The HVAC unit provides the home with a reasonable temperature so that every appliance can work without too much strain.

4. Verifying Foundation Health

Most foundations in Las Vegas, NV, are concrete slabs. They support your home’s entire structure. With fluctuating temperatures, however, the foundation can develop cracks over the years. Some residents have reported that their bad foundations translate to damaged rooftops, states KTNV Las Vegas.

The foundation isn’t the easiest structure to inspect around the home. Go outdoors, and inspect the concrete slab at its edges. Document any cracks that are visible.

Walk around the home’s interior spaces. Verify that the doors and windows open with ease. A declining foundation will cause the windows and doors to stick. You may even see cracks across the interior walls.

Ask for a professional inspection if you suspect trouble. Declining foundations will continue to do so unless they’re repaired.

5. Weatherstripping the Doors and Windows

Any drafts entering the home will create energy-loss issues. Weatherstrip the doors and windows if they haven’t been serviced by the previous owners. Be sure to inspect the stripping several times a year too.

Because of the hot-and-dry conditions in the desert, the stripping can crack and lose its flexibility over time. If your stripping has been in place for several years, it may be time to replace it.

You might consider a door-draft stopper to really seal the home. Drafts might develop under your door, which cannot be sealed with stripping. Use the stopper during both the winter and summer. The door’s hardware and the home’s interior can maintain steady temperatures so that maintenance issues aren’t too overwhelming.


Always inspect your home on a regular basis. Look for any peeling paint, cracks and other anomalies. By catching any problems early on, it’s possible to save money. The property will inevitably grow in value with your tender-loving care over the years.

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