5 Important Qualities to Look for in an Apartment

There is a lot of stress involved with searching for an apartment and it can feel a bit overwhelming. There are many avenues you can take that will make the process easier, faster, and most efficient. There are professionals that can assist you with the lengthy process of finding the perfect apartment and applications you can download on your smartphone that connects with the websites that will save you time and money. 

Zillow vs. Realtor 

There are a plethora of websites that are dedicated to helping you find your next apartment home. There are filters, as there are with sites like Trulia and apartments.com, that will help narrow the search, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. The perfect apartment won’t be found right away, of course, but with an engaging interactive platform such as Zillow, it’s hard not to feel as if your perfect apartment is just a search button away. There are a plethora of realtor businesses available also dedicated to using their resources and finances to help you find the perfect home. The big difference between an apartment searching website and a realtor is the price and the convenience. If you would like assistance in the apartment search and are unsure as to what qualities you’re looking for in your next home, a realtor would be more beneficial. It all depends on the experience you are looking for, as well. 

These are the five qualities you should look for in an apartment: 

  • Price
  • Environment
  • Lease Term
  • Storage
  • Layout


Before beginning your search in apartment hunting, once you’ve established whether you’d like a personable or interpersonal experience, now it is time to determine the price. The budget you set will fluctuate quite a bit, especially if you’ve chosen Zillow as your route because that avenue is free of charge. 


The environment you live in is going to have a huge impact on which apartment you can see yourself living in. It will also significantly alter the search results since certain apartments in certain areas will have appliances and layouts that will differ depending on this. You can determine what kind of environment it is by telling the website or realtor what your lifestyle is like. The city life and rural life will have different options available, especially in regards to appliances. 

Lease Term

The price of the apartment, features and amenities available and location will determine how long the lease will be. Once you’ve narrowed down your selections, you’ll be able to let the website or realtor know how long you would like to stay at your new apartment. Typically, leases will be 12 months but sometimes, they can be 6 months or even longer, at 2 years. It just depends on the apartment complex. 


It is common for most apartments to include a storage closet, typically on the back patio. If you have a lot of items, however, it would be ideal to use a bedroom as a storage room. Take a look at the apartments you’ve selected based on the layout and you’ll be able to better determine which layout would be best for you. 


Whether this apartment is just for yourself, a couple, or a family, the layout of the apartment is ideal to specify. For example, if you’re sharing an apartment with another couple, you don’t want the layout to have the laundry room inside their bathroom. It would be ideal for the laundry room to be in the common room, so everyone can access it with no disturbances to anyone else. 

You are well underway to find the perfect apartment home. You’ve determined a budget, talked with your family or made a list as to which avenue to take and narrowed down the qualities you’d like in your new home. Sometimes, people will focus purely on the amenities, such as whether there is a fitness center, swimming pool, etc. The five important qualities to look for in an apartment, though, are price, environment, lease term, storage and layout. 

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