5 Interesting Ways to Decorate Using Nautical Décor

The beautiful sea calls out to many people. If you have a house by the shore or you’re dreaming of one, you’ll want to translate that vision into your home decor plans. The nautical world makes the perfect to bring a plan that is both casual but just a little bit formal at the same time. It’s easier than ever to find items that you can put in your home and call to mind lots of days along the beach, nights barbecuing in front of the waves and hours with your favorite friends and family. Nautical decor is right for a single room in your home or as a complete design theme. It’s all about color, texture and things that remind you of everything you love about being on the waters. Use this interest ideas to bring your own personal stamp to any home and make it a place of beach dreams. 

1- Stripes Everywhere 

Stripes are one the foundations of any nautical style. Many boats are painted in stripes both along the sides and in the interior. You can bring this kind of nautical style right to your own house. Stripes of all kinds of ideal for use in many spaces. When it comes to stripes, you’ll want to keep it the way they do on the water. Thin stripes can be used to add height to any room and help bring the upwards. Fatter, thicker stripes can be used in other rooms in the house to help add movement and make the house feel like it’s part of a ship. Use stripes on your home’s fabric. Bring in pillows on the sofa and other interior seating areas with different types of stripes for contrast and instant charm. 

2- Primary Colors 

Primary colors are often seen in nautical decor. Colors like deep navy, white, red and green are very popular. Use them in your own home to get the same feel. Navy blue walls with accents of white speak of time on the ocean. Bring these colors everywhere the eye looks. A rug in shades of red can provide interesting details. Bring those colors upstairs and downstairs for a look that’s unified and crisp. Bedding in colors like stark white and olive green also brings out the nautical theme. You can do the same in your kitchen, especially if gets a lot of light. 

3- Outdoors and Inside 

Effective, fun decor shouldn’t end when your door ends. The two can act as a single space that keeps your mind on being outside as often as possible. Look for items that are good for both indoor and outdoor use. For example, if you have an outdoor patio, this is another place to use nautical decor items. This is a place to have seating that is about both function and style in the same place. Look to items with nautical flair for that say fun. A group of chairs that resemble a ship’s hull along with a table in the shape of a ship’s steering wheel can be inviting to guests. Add in some rigging at the edges and you’re almost at sea. 

4- Pieces of the Boat 

Pieces of the boat can be used as decor in your home. If you have an old boat at home, take parts and hang them up. A life vest makes a great, eye-catching thing to put on your walls. Take those oars that you don’t use anymore. Sand down the wood and polish them. Ask family members to write their names on the oars in paint. You’ll have a unique keepsake that can remind you of one your favorite places and the times you’ve spent with your family on the water. 

5- Ship Storage 

Boats can be very small spaces. Take your cue from the many ways that inventive boat owners make it work for them. For example, bring a dining nook to one corner. It’s snug and encourages family conversation. Bring in drawers along the seating for extra space in the room for all the things you need to have a great start in the morning. Add curtains with a nautical theme for added charming detail.

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