5 Reasons Why Mass Mailing is Still an Effective Marketing Tool

5 Reasons Why Mass Mailing is Still an Effective Marketing Tool

Thinking that mass mailing is an outdated marketing strategy and something out of your business? Well, that’s not the prevalent truth as email marketing still remains a profound promotional tactic for goods in the 21st century. Let’s put it simply that, mass mailing is a renowned tool used in sending the same email content to a broad distribution of people simultaneously. Despite its long existence in this industry, mass mailing still remains a robust tool of businesspeople connecting easily with their clients through advertisements. According to Radicati Group, 34% of the people in the world use emails. Amazingly, one hundred nine billion emails out of 196 billion are business emails.

Reasons Why Mass Mailing is Still an Effective Marketing Tool

1. It is instant.

Campaign mass mailing helps your enterprise to directly send important information about promotion and sales any time instantly to clients. Most customers love information on offers, and last minutes deals for saving. Thus, mass emails are transactional and versatile by nature. They facilitate in generating more web traffic, thus acquiring more sales as an enterprise. According to Experian, a transactional email has eight more chances of opening and clicking where they generate six times return on investment.

2. Economical, and cost-effective.

Mass Mailing enhances business owners to save on the cost of each message by reaching a large number of audience at the same time. It is an effective way of generating leads at a very reasonable price. Mass Mailing generates the highest Return on Investment (ROI) for marketers and business owners. Besides, it’s also an inexpensive tactic to maintain over time. According to the Direct Marketing Association, for every $1 spent, mass mailing generates a Return on Investment of $ 40.

3. Personal and Customizable.

A customized email marketing strategy usually is ideal in sending content-based information to a particular client. This is depending on their buying patterns and preferences. Email Segmentation makes it easy to deliver the most relevant offers and content. According to the Direct Marketing Association, businesses that use segmented and targeted emails can generate 58% of all the revenues.

4. Convenient.

Today everyone has smartphones, right? Thanks to dynamic internet advancements, we are experiencing today as this has become the most comfortable means of business communications. With the help of a smartphone, email marketing significantly enables potential clients to remain connected to their favorite brands. Nearly a third who receives these emails, they usually redeem coupon offers or any special gift right from their phones. According to Marketing Sherpa, 72% of clients prefer receiving promotional messages through their emails. A study done in 2014 by ExactTarget indicates that 91% of people access their emails using their smartphones. Email marketing is a powerful tool used to help business owners to stay connected to their customers. This a real value in staying connected to customers.

5. Measurable.

In Mass Mailing, there is no guesswork. As a business owner, you can monitor any activity on the emails sent. Using email marketing software, you can see who opened the emails and links posted. It helps in monitoring and evaluating marketing campaign actions by identifying areas of improvement. As an email campaign team, ensure the emails sent to the clients are relevant to their needs. Relevant emails receive a high number of clicks. The more the clicks, the more you are likely to generate more leads. After the clicks, do not just stop there; be quick to take relevant actions. This again brings the use of segmentation tactics. Segmentation is where the business owner makes a list of the different clients according to their needs and interests.
Mass Mailing is a strategy that can be blended with other strategies. It does not need to operate in a vacuum. For instance, a business owner can use Social Media Marketing alongside Mass Mailing. Integrating Mass Mailing with other marketing strategies will help them get the best of their marketing spend.

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