5 Red Flags When Touring Potential New Homes

Most of us get excited when getting ready to buy a new home. We have an idea of what it will look like and how we’ll add on some new amenities. Shopping around for homes gives us a chance to see what’s on the market. The internet is helpful, but you still need to see the home with your own eyes. You can do lots of touring through open houses within your neighborhood. This is one of the best ways to get a feel for what’s selling and what isn’t. Here are five red flags when touring potential new homes.

1. Odors

As you walk through the house, pay attention to any odd smells or odors. Bring it to the attention of the agent. There might be something rotten within the house due to a lack of cleaning or pest infestation. Always ask what the odor is and if you’re ignored, it’s probably not the best home to consider.

2. Foundation

Look for any cracks in the foundation. You can spot these on a concrete patio or by a deck. A blanket or rug might cover these types of areas. Don’t be shy to turn over the rug and finding out what’s under it. Move things around so you can see for yourself. Observe the floor in corners and along the walls. Look for any visible cracks you need to make a note of.

3. Patches of Paint

Anytime you see patches of paint in or around the house, there could be a problem. The wood could show rotten spots or maybe corrosion. Make sure the home has a good even layer of paint. If you sense it’s been recently painted, ask why.

4. Exposed Wires

Exposed wires should never appear on any home that’s being sold to the public. One walk through and seeing a batch of wires can raise some concerns. Take a quick picture so you can refer back to it later. This helps, especially if you’re looking at a lot of homes in a day or weekend. Not all exposed wires say there is something wrong with the house. Your goal is find out what attaches to them. Most home electricians are great with keeping wires from public view. It doesn’t look good on any home.

5. Pipes

Most home tours reveal typical pipes we are used to seeing. These might be under sinks or where you’d normally expect to see them. Try to look at other pipes that are hidden. Are there pipes along the home or coming from the garage? Take a trip down in the basement to make they’re not rusty.


These are five red flags when touring potential new homes. Pay attention to any off smells and strong odors. That’s a big red flag something is going on with the property. Look for cracks or breakage on the foundation. These are hazardous and need repairing. Have a good eye in spotting patches of paint around the house. This could be in the bedroom or by the pantry. The owners might be trying to hide something that needs repairing. Always ask about exposed wires and where they go to. Wires sticking out can cause fires. Never forget to check the basement pipes. Make sure all pipes don’t have rust. Follow these tips and you’re sure to buy yourself a home that’ll last a lifetime.

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