5 Swoon-Worthy Fine Dining Rules We Wish Would Come Back

When we look back over history we usually have rose-tinted glasses regarding how the rule of etiquette was more entertaining and gave a more beautiful way of life to many. Whether we look back and see the Victorians or the Georgians as our historic touchstone, the rules they lived by have often been lost to the evolution of society. There are many different ways we feel we can do more to create a romantic life for ourselves with the aid of some of the forgotten rules of etiquette.

1. Your menu should always touch the table

We really do not know why or how this rule came into the world but this long-forgotten rule explains the menu you are looking at should always remain in contact with the table. When you are reading or looking at a menu, you should make sure the base of the menu is always in contact with the table in some way, whether it is a corner or the whole bottom of the printed menu. One of the reasons why this would be a wonderful way for you to look over the top of your menu and make eye contact with your eating partner when on a date.

2. Don’t clean your plate

Food and Wine Magazine explains the best option in the past was not to clean your plate. When I was growing up my mother would often tell me to leave a bite of food for “Mr. Manners” and this used to be the case for all people in a formal dining setting. By not eating everything on your plate you are telling the wait staff and chef that you enjoyed the meal and appreciated their effort. If you were living in Victorian times and ate every bite on your plate your partners at the meal would believe you had not had enough to eat or that they needed to order you more to eat.

3. Signal to the staff

When you need to use the restroom, you will usually stand and announce to the others eating at the table where you are going and not to let the waiter take your plate away. You could follow the lead of the English Royal Family and give the staff a signal that you were not done with your meal yet and did not want to tell the staff you are using the restroom you can simply cross your knife and fork on your plate as a signal, Delish reports.

4. Help the wait staff

When we head out to eat at a friends house or in a restaurant you want to look like you are a nice person in more ways than just leaving a big tip. The waiters and other staff members should be the focus of your attention with the majority of people no longer living by the golden rule of keeping the edge of the plate clean for waiters to stay clean. Another piece of etiquette that has been lost in the modern world is that of pushing all debris left on your plate to the upper left-hand side of the plate. Do not place this food in the lower-left portion of the plate because this is for sauces that have not been eaten.

5. Passing correctly

When you are looking for the best ways of passing food and condiments around a table it was the general rule to pass counter-clockwise to keep with the etiquette of fine dining. If you are looking to pass the salt and pepper, the common etiquette is for these to always travel together. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to be asked to pass a plate and to take a little food from it on the way around the table.

These few small tips will bring a little etiquette to your life when you feel you are looking for a better way of living and dining. Most of the etiquette is designed to keep the meal polite and not including any problems or bad manners.

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