5 Tips For Safely Transporting Your Vape Pen

If you’re among the 10.8 million Americans who vape, according to The New York Times, you might be wondering how to safely transport your vape pen. There’s nothing worse that traveling, only to discover that your vape pen broke during the trip. While you can always buy another one, you can prevent this from happening by taking a few precautionary measures.

1- Tighten Components

Start by inspecting your vape pen’s components to ensure that they are tight. A loose component like an atomizer or mouthpiece may fall off. In some cases, vape juice may leak from the pen as well. Therefore, you should tighten all your vape pen’s components before transporting it. If a component wiggles when touched lightly, it’s too loose and needs to be tightened.

2- Use a Case

Some people prefer to place their vape pen in their pocket when traveling. Although this is fine, your vape pen will be better protected from damage in a hard-shell case. They feature a soft interior with straps or ribbons that hold vape pens and related accessories. The exterior of these cases, however, is particularly hard and durable. They can get dropped and knocked around without damaging the vape pens stored inside them. If your vape pen happens to leak, a case will prevent the juice from getting onto the other items in your luggage.

3- Don’t Store in Checked Luggage

If you’re flying, you may assume that it’s safe to transport your vape pen in your checked luggage. According to ABC News, though, this is prohibited by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Rather, the TSA requires travelers to store their vape pens in their carry-on luggage. This is because most vape pens use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which have been reported to ignite in some rare cases. So, after placing your vape pen in a hard-shell case, store it inside your checked luggage to comply with the TSA’s requirements.

4- Cushion With Clothes

To further protect your vape pen from damage, strategically arrange clothes around it in your luggage. Even if it’s carry-on luggage, you can still place a shirt or light sweater inside to cushion your vape pen. You can either wrap your vape pen’s case in a garment, or you can place multiple garments around the case. With fabric covering it, your vape pen will be protected from shock-related damage, such as dropping.

5- Secure Vape Juice

If you’re traveling with a vape pen, you’ll want to bring some extra juice. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefit of vaping. The safest way to transport vape juice is to place it inside the same hard-shell case as your vape pen. Many cases have a special compartment for juice. Some even feature their own reusable bottle in which you can place the juice. After tightening the cap, place your vape juice inside this compartment of your case.

If your case doesn’t have a compartment for vape juice and there’s only enough room for your pen, you can place your juice in one or two sealed plastic bags. You can then place the bag on top of your vape pen’s case, surrounding it with clothes. Some people use two bags in case the first one leaks. Normally, though, a single plastic bag should suffice as long as the top is sealed.

Whether for business or pleasure, traveling requires thorough planning. You must arrange transportation while also considering the safe transit of your belongings. By following these five tips, you can safety transport your vape pen and juice.

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