6 Packing Hacks for Breakables

Packing is not always easy. This is especially true if you want to carry fragile items that can break just by looking at them. It doesn’t matter if they are antiques or precious mementos that have been in your family for generations; you want them in perfect condition to keep cherishing them. However, to do this, you will need to take special precautions. Keep reading and find out how to preserve the items you value the most.

1. Get Ready Beforehand

Before you pack fragile items, you have to remember you will need time. Mirrors, vases, antiques, electronics, and plates can’t be handled the same way as clothing. They have to be placed with care, or they might break. Rushing this process will only result in losing the valuables you want to keep. Since it might take longer than you would like, begin early, and package it properly. You will be happy that you did.

2. Pick Boxes Wisely

Your average box won’t cut it. The box used to store a breakable needs to be sturdy enough to support the weight of the item without falling apart. If you aren’t sure that it will hold, don’t use it, and find another one. Always use new boxes as old ones, even if they seem fine, aren’t reliable. Also, make sure the box is slightly larger than the object it will carry but not too large. You want to keep it as cost-effective as possible and reserve large boxes for large items.

3. Pack Carefully

Breakables may also need to be protected with the double box method. This method requires placing each item inside a box with around 3 inches of bubble wrap surrounding it. Then put that box inside a larger one with an extra 3-inch layer of loose-fill peanuts between boxes. Doing this provides additional protection.

4. Keep Items in Place

You can’t just put fragile objects in any corner of a box and expect them to be safe. The ideal area for items to be is at the center of the box. Any other area will put the item at risk, and the likelihood for it to break will be much higher. Once there, use crumpled newspapers, bulky sweaters, pillows, or air cellular material to protect it from all sides. Make sure you use the same amount of material on every side to keep it secure.

5. Give Each Item Its Space

Don’t cram a bunch of breakables into the same box. Choose one object per box to boost the chances of maintaining it intact. Wrap it with air-cellular material and surround it with loose-fill peanuts making sure there aren’t any gaps between the item and the box. As a rule of thumb, try using 3 inches of cushioning to keep the object safe and in place.

6. Label Properly

All your delicate items should be labeled with a big red “fragile.” This will decrease the chance for them to be handled improperly in case you forget. Moreover, if another person moves the boxes, they will know that they should be careful with them.

Keeping your breakables intact is simple as long as you take the proper safety measures. Prepare beforehand and take your time to pack. Use strong and durable boxes to prevent mishaps. Pack and place each item at the center of the box individually with care and make sure it is labeled so that it is taken care of the right way. Try these hacks today, and you will see that preserving fragile objects is not only possible but easy to do.

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