6 Signs Your Home Needs An Awning

The comfort and aesthetic feel of your home is affected by numerous elements and features, both inside and outside the house. To make your home feel an ideal place to relax in, you should endeavor to ensure that you go an extra mile and install a few add-ons such as balconies and other great outdoor features. One of the things that few people ever think of incorporating in their houses is an awning. A great awning, installed on your windows, doors, and balcony, can be such a suitable addition that can not only boost your house’s aesthetics but also give you sufficient additional space. Here are 6 telltale signs that your house needs an awning.

1. Excessive sun directly into your house

A house without an awning can be quite a nuisance to live in, especially during summer when the sun heat and light is excessive. The summer sunlight can easily penetrate the house through windows which do not have an awning. This may lead to additional nuisances such as excessive heat in the house. The excess sunlight penetration can also make the house inhospitable, thereby prompting you to think of installing an awning to help control the times of the day when the sunlight has direct access into your rooms.

2. Need to do a facelift

Houses that were constructed a while back, over 50 years ago, may lack awning installations, especially since the concept did not exist or was not favorable back then. Such houses may need to be renovated. Among the few exciting home renovation ideas that you may contemplate includes installing an awning in your house.

In addition to painting the exterior of the house, adding an awning with a matching color helps give your house a revived look. In case you wish to install it to boost your house’s appearance, you need to think of an appropriate shape, color, size, and positioning of the awning.

3. Rainwater penetrating into the house

Sometimes, a house without awnings on the doors and windows can be quite a menace to live in, especially when it rains. Directional rain that hits the house at an angle can easily penetrate the house through the tiny spaces on the windows and doors. This should be a telltale sign that you need to install awnings to help control and prevent rain droplets from entering your house.

4. Need for some additional living space

As time goes by, you may find yourself desiring to spend some time outdoors, not far away from your house. Installing an awning on the front door can help provide shade and extra room. Besides, the space created by the shed can be a convenient place for your children to play in without necessarily going far from the house. You may even contemplate adding an extra-sized awning that extends as far out away from your house as possible to create sufficient space for customizable functions such as an outdoor dining table.

5. Faded furniture in your house

In the absence of an awning on your windows, it is highly likely that the furniture placed near such windows will discolor with time. This is because the powerful UV rays from the sun directly hit the furniture leading to discoloration of the material. As a control measure, you may opt to have your curtains closed all the time to control the exposure of your furniture to the sun. A great long-term solution would be to install awnings, which will provide sufficient shade to protect your furniture.

6. Cutting on energy costs

In case you are being forced to spend some energy cooling your house during the day, then it is high time that you contemplate alternative options such as opening the curtains and windows to let in fresh air to cool your house. Chances are that doing so will expose your house to excessive and direct sun heat and radiation. As a control measure, you may have to install awnings on your windows and doors to keep away direct sunlight. This way, you can be sure that your energy consumption on house cooling will substantially reduce.

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