6 Steps to Creating an Effective Wine Label

Before you can design a label for your wine bottles, you first have to think about your target audience as well as what you want to convey. For example, are you marketing directly to males, females, or both? Are you marketing to young adults or to older adults? These are the kinds of questions that you have to ask yourself in order to know what your label needs to achieve.

Other questions that you want to ask yourself are: Are you marketing to professionals or to someone that leads a more typical lifestyle? Is this a wine that you have with dinner or should it be saved for a special occasion? Only by asking these questions and addressing them can you create an effective brand.

Choosing a Name

When designing a label for something like wine, it is very easy to forget that the name is important. Some designers get bogged down in the aesthetics of the label and the name becomes an afterthought. That should not be the case. When someone is talking about your wine to their friends, they are going to refer to it by name, so you should have a good one.

Here are some basic goals to set when choosing your name. You want the name of your wine to be clear and simple, and you want to convey the image of your brand which we have already built. People like for things to be easy, so make the name of your wine something that can be remembered with little to no effort.

Aesthetics of the Label

The aesthetics of the label you put on your wine is probably one of your main concerns. Whatever you choose can either enhance or detract from your brand. You want to make sure that you are incorporating images that you feel relate to the brand. You should always try to keep this as consistent as possible. It is a fact that there are a lot of people that pick their wine’s based on the label alone. Because of this, you want to ensure that the label is eye-catching as well.

What is Trending

I wouldn’t recommend jumping in with both feet when designing your label. I believe that your best bet would be to first research the top trending wines and see what they incorporated into the designs of their labels. Remember, we learned above that a lot of people pick their wine based on the label alone. You should always remember to incorporate trending design elements, as this will increase the likelihood that someone will pick out your bottle of all the others around it. One trend is to actually print directly onto the bottle rather than onto a stick label.

Give Your Brand a Story

I think a great idea is to always include your brand’s story. Whether you started in your kitchen a year ago or you are using your great great grandfather’s method for making wine it could help your marketing by including your story. People always like a good story, so I think that you should absolutely make one for your brand. People will be more likely to take your wine home if it has a story that they can relate to. It doesn’t have to be something in depth, just a few lines or a small paragraph will do.

Meet Industry Standards, at a Minimum

Now, here is something important that you need to remember to include when designing your label. There are industry standards that your label design has to comply with. For example, you have to be sure that you include the name of your product, the brand, the weight of the product, ABV, and especially the government warnings. Keep these elements in mind as you are designing your label. It would be a pain to get the label looking perfect only to realize that you have to go back and adjust it because you forgot to include these required pieces of information.

Be Unique

So far we have talked about matching trends and creating your label. Now, it’s important to know that when I say “matching trends” I don’t mean that you should be copying other labels exactly. You should absolutely be unique and try to stand out from the crowd. 

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