6 Ways to Revitalize Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are sanctuaries unto themselves. We lounge in different ways – sometimes for hours! Believe it or not, the bathroom is next to the bedroom for spaces to go for solitude and relaxation. Revitalizing the bathroom to meet your need to unwind and have a tranquil moment can only serve to enhance your well-being. In addition, a big incentive is that the bathroom is one of the biggest selling points if you put your home on the market. Of course, it may be so inviting that you may never want to sell.


Deciding to paint or use wallpaper is strictly a personal choice, but whatever you choose, be sure it is peaceful and serene. This is not the place for colors that scream at you. Relaxation is an overall feeling that is transmitted through a number of sensory receptors. While there is no scientific proof that colors create specific psychological changes, it is a fact that they can create different moods. The effect of color on the individual has, at its base, elements, which are influenced by culture and various personal situations.


Decorating the bathroom does not have to be expensive, so go crazy! Hang artwork on the wall, and add clear shelves on which you place rolled-up towels secured with rope or ribbon. Hang, and tie back, a classic one-panel curtain from ceiling height over nice shower curtains. The little rug in front of the toilet and the cover on the lid are outdated. Throw them out if you have them. Place a book holder across the tub for convenience during those long soaks. Choose elegant hardware; they are like jewelry. There are many choices available. Select a uniform style or mix and match. Hooks, knobs and pulls all add to the ambiance of the room.


The choices are numerous – potpourri, diffusers, scented candles and soaps. These are all wonderful additions to the modern bath. Use the vent instead of room spray to prevent odors, and you will find it much more effective. Keep the floors meticulously clean to eliminate any odor, especially if there are males in the household.


If it is a guest bathroom, change the towels frequently. Letting the same guest towels languish for long periods will cause them to eventually look bland and unattractive. Use solid, luxurious colors and try various decorative techniques to make them appealing. Stay away from hand towels that are used by everyone; they are unsanitary. Instead, use attractive paper towels in a nice tray to add to the overall awesomeness of the bathroom.


If the bathroom has carpet, remove it, unless it can resist waterlogging, and replace with tile or wood-like flooring. It may not be the best idea to use wood flooring, even though many professionals espouse it. If the toilet overflows, you may ruin the floor and have an excessive repair bill. If you like the idea of wood, however, try one of today’s wood-look tiles, stone or vinyl. Some of them are really spectacular. They may be costly, but the bathroom is generally so small that it can fall within the budget. Regardless of the type of flooring you choose, keep it spotless. Use cleaners that enhance the fragrance; you do not want it to smell like disinfectant.


Mirrors and lighting are often overlooked when decorating a bathroom. Because light plays a major role in its overall appearance, include it in your revitalization plan. If you have a mirror that practically covers an entire wall, and you cannot change it out for one or two smaller ones, then frame it. Use a natural wood or a color that coordinates with the rest of the room. It is easy to google the instructions or watch a “how-to” YouTube video. Change out those builder-grade “make-up lights” for more modern ones. The overall effect will be impressive.

All of these tips will completely overhaul your bathroom. If you cannot do them all, start with one and add others whenever you can. Once you start, you will want to follow through with the remainder as soon as possible.

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