7 Classy Decorating Tips for Your Living Room

A truly elegant living space will have the feel of upscale luxury but should also emanate a sense of easily defined style. When it comes to home décor, especially in the living room or any room you entertain, elegance is always a key. However, we also believe that elegance should come easy. It should also retain the overall taste and style of yourself and your family.

1. Make a Statement

The absolute first element of a truly well-decorated living space will include a statement. This could be a statement piece, such as a gorgeous Victorian-era chair or a fireplace. However, it can also be a talking point, such as a piece that doesn’t truly fit the overall décor of the room that has a personal relationship to your family.

2. Embrace Your Home and Your Home’s Home

A great way to have a truly poignant living space is to embrace the region that you are living room by utilizing the style of décor that was most prominent. This could be during that region’s most notable time period, or even just adapting the overall style of your region. For example, a living room is a great place to embrace both the past and the present of your home’s location. For example, the finest homes in Charleston still incorporate the 1880’s grace and finesse of the style of that era. Rooms where friends come to gather typically have a “collected” look. This look combines bold, antique fixtures that certainly have a rich history with more modern features. Yet, the most modern decorator mixes modern touches throughout the room to prevent the idea of stuffiness. Antiques serve as talking points, while modern touches like a vibrant rug tones down the atmosphere, while still making the room an incredible space.

3. A Classic Sconce Never Goes Out of Style

When decorating a room, considering sconces as part of a light scape immediately gives the room a sense of wonderment that transitions even the smallest of spaces into an elegant atmosphere. Sconces can be hung in traditional spaces, such as over a fire place or beside a statement art piece. However, a sconce or sconce set can truly be placed anywhere to give a living room the gorgeous feel of luxury that the Victorian era décor provided.

4. Mirrors Tell a Tale in Real Time

Think of the Great Gatsby. What is one thing many rooms have in common? A gorgeous gold-framed or silver-framed mirror goes a long way in making a room seem incredibly elegant. When it comes to hanging a mirror, they should all be large. When utilizing a mirror as part of the décor rather than a necessity, the frame is very important. Think about your personal taste. Depending on the room’s color scheme, a delightfully crafted gold or silver mirror will be a great accent piece. In addition to the elegance that comes from utilizing mirrors as part of the décor, they also have the power to make any room look larger.

5. Lighting Shouldn’t Just Be for Light’s Sake

Lighting is one of the simplest ways that you can turn a basic living room into an elegant space for entertaining.

6. Who is the Focal Point?

When designing a living room, most people have a tendency to simply sit a couch and maybe a chair or loveseat in focus of the main television. However, if you want to create a true “living” room, consider investing in a decadent coffee table or ottoman and arranging all couches and chairs to face it. This will set the tone that the goal of any gathering is conversation, rather than staring at a television. Remember, furniture can always be moved on nights when you would like to watch television, but the initial setup of furniture sets the tone for the room.

7. Colors Define it All

Thinking about your color scheme is a great way to create a feel for your room. Colors like a calming gray or cotton-colored scape have become extremely popular, creating a calming and open vibe. Additionally, by utilizing moderately neutral colors like these, you can easily add pops of color to change the tone with varying trends or with holidays.

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