7 Crucial Reasons Why Employees Should be Drug Tested

As an employer, you want what’s best for your workers as well as customers. While you might have been putting off drug testing in fear that it invaded on your workers’ privacy, there are many benefits that come from this routine monitoring. Most companies drug test their employees both at the initial hiring as well as throughout the individual’s employment. Drug testing does not cost very much and can be an integral part of running a successful business.

1. Safer Work Environment for Other Workers

When someone is actively using drugs, they may come to work either high on drugs or dealing with withdrawal from using. Both of these instances can wreak havoc on the workplace and make it difficult for other employees to get their jobs done. They may be having to do double work to cover up for this intoxicated person or they may be having to take care of the individual who is having a hard time getting through their shift. Depending on the drug being used, the person who is taking them and showing up to work may even be a threat to employees because of their erratic and aggressive behavior.

2. Safer Environment for Your Customers

When employees are mentally present in their jobs, they function better and are able to improve customer experience. Fewer mistakes are made and the worker is able to function properly under many different circumstances. Another way to look at the situation is by putting yourself in your customers shoes. What would you do if you walked into an establishment and the workers looked like they were on drugs? More than likely, you would never return and you’d report the business.

3. You May Not Be Able to Tell if Someone is On Drugs

You might be avoiding routine drug testing because of the invasion to your workers’ privacy or because of the costs involved. You might assume that you would be able to tell if a worker is on drugs just by their appearance and their behavior. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily true since many people who are long-time drug users can easily hide their substance abuse. They may only use drugs on off-hours and are able to sober-up before clocking in. This doesn’t make the situation any less problematic for you as their employer.

4. Drug Testing is Accurate and Effective

When done properly, drug testing employees is accurate and highly effective. You do not need to worry that drug testing will come back positive on workers who are otherwise clean or deal with a scenario of a person being fired because of a false-positive drug test. While you might have heard a lot of myths out there, drug testing is one of the most accurate ways to find out if someone is actively taking drugs and it is incredibly rare to get a false-positive.

5. It Increases Productivity

Drug testing your employees and getting rid of the ones who fail these tests can ultimately increase productivity within the workplace. When a worker is under the influence of drugs or is dealing with withdrawal effects from not using, you’ll find that they are far less productive than an employee who is completely of sound mind and body.

6. Testing Can Decrease Medical Costs for Employees

Drug users are at increased risk of medical problems and often cost their employees thousands of dollars per year for missed time, doctor’s bills and worker’s compensation. When you drug test workers and get rid of the employees who have failed, you’ll notice you’re able to reduce lost money due to medical expenses and lost employee time.

7. Decrease Employee Turnover Rates

It is no surprise that employees who are drug abusers often leave jobs for extended periods of time. This can be problematic for you as their employer because you’ll now have to spend money and time to replace them. Drug testing workers and ensuring that you have a solid crew will ensure that everyone stays on board to help the company grow to its full potential.

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