7 Cruise Essentials First Time Cruisers Don’t Want to Forget

Setting sail on a cruise ship can be an exciting adventure. You have all of the comforts of home on a large boat along with an abundance of fun and excitement. There are usually special events and even activities that are just for kids to enjoy. Sometimes, you can find cruises with themes, such as those for couples or a cruise that features Disney characters. Before you get on the ship, there are a few essentials that you want to remember to ensure that you have a memorable and comfortable excursion.

1. The Cruise For You
Since there are different types of cruises and themes available, you need to decide which one would be best for your family. If you have young children, then consider a cruise with games, fun characters, or an activity room where they can play during the day. An option to consider would be to find a travel agent who can assist with planning your cruise after getting a few details about the things you like to do and see. Even if you look at cruises that offer similar amenities and activities, each cruise line offers its own amenities for passengers as well as their own costs associated with sailing. Consider getting travel insurance in case your luggage is lost or damaged or you experience an illness while onboard.

2. Cabins
Another detail that you want to consider when booking your cruise is the type of cabin you’ll be in for your trip. Although you likely won’t be in your cabin much during the day, you’ll be in there at night and when you want some quiet time to relax. If you know that you get seasick or you don’t think that you’ll enjoy seeing the movement of the ocean, then you’re going to want to choose an interior cabin. However, if you want the best views, then you’re going to want to choose an exterior cabin or one that is located on the top of the ship.

3. Booking
If you know that you want to travel to an area that’s among popular destinations or if you want to travel on a ship that offers popular amenities and activities, then try to book as early as possible. You can sometimes get a discount if you book far enough in advance. Make sure you keep all receipts and details about your cruise so that you have all of the information you need to board.

4. Packing
The cabins on the ship aren’t all that big. This means that you likely won’t have a lot of space for several pieces of luggage and other items that you might take to a hotel. Pack as light as possible, but make sure to include a jacket and a few different types of shoes. Find out if the cruise has a formal night for dining as you want to dress up for the occasion. Don’t forget to pack essential medications and items that your children will need. Some ships have stores where you can purchase items that you forget, but the prices are usually much more expensive than what you would pay on land.

5. Timing
Make sure you get on the ship early. When the ship docks at ports, you need to keep an eye on the time and make sure you’re on the boat at the designated time of departure. Try to stay close to the ship if at all possible because they will leave without you if you’re not on board as most cruise lines have a strict schedule that they have to follow.

6. Money
Unless you choose a cruise that includes everything that you’re going to do while on the ship, then prepare to spend a good bit of money. Almost everything that you do requires some kind of fee except for swimming and some of the activities that you don’t have to register for, such as miniature golf or shuffleboard. Keep enough money on hand for tips as well.

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