7 Low-Cost Ways to Have Your Party at a Sports Venue

If you’re a true-blue sports fan, nothing says fun like watching your favorite sports teams. Many sports venues offer a place to watch the game and a place to have a party. Even if you’re on a budget, you can still have the party of your dreams. There are lots of fabulous low-cost ways to have the party you’ve always wanted and cheer on your hometown team at the same time.

1- Bring Your Own Food

Many sports venues offer onsite their own personalized catering that offers the same food you’ll find at the stadium. Such catering can be very expensive even if you have a prior discount. Fortunately, they’ll often let you bring in your own food. You can bring in foods that you know people enjoy such as wings that won’t cost a bundle. Get a headcount in advance before you begin. Make sure you have enough food for all your guests. You can also have food delivered to the site by other vendors.

2- Do Your Own Cleanup

Another way to avoid spending a lot of money on your party is to do as much of the cleanup yourself. Sometimes, the venue will include the price of cleaning in the package you buy. You can investigate and find out if you can do this cleaning on your own before and after your guests arrive.

3- Pick a Less Popular Day

Certain games are a must for many fans. They want to be there for a famous home game with a rival and they’ll book those days solid. Look closely at the calendar of events before you start planning. As a true sports fan, you know when you want to be there for such and such a game. Look at other times that you know are less popular. You can often get a discount this way.

4- Corporate Discounts

If your company does business with the venue, they’ll probably be able to give you a nice discount on your party. Many sports venues look for team sponsors all year long. They want companies that can cheer on home games and bring excitement to the field. When your company can bring them business, you can expect discounts in turn.

5- Keep the Guest List Down

In general, the more people you’re inviting, the more you can expect to pay. While you will typically find it cheaper to invite lots of guests, the overall costs still add up. You want to think about who you really want to invite and what they have to offer. Keep in mind that some people may not be sports fans. They don’t need to be there. If you’re holding a private event to reward your employees, it’s best to keep the numbers to minimum. It’s also a useful place to hold a party to welcome in new guests. You can impress them even if you’re on a budget.

6- Use Your Own Decor

Everyone wants to celebrate their favorite sports teams with the right kind of sports gear. Enliven the space with your own décor. If you have a collection, now is the time to bring them out and show them off. Buying decorations at the venue can really add up. Many sports facilities offer items like shirts and pennants at a huge markup. Look at other places that sell sports memorabilia and other sports related swag. If you’re planning on more than party at the venue, you can buy these items in bulk. You’ll not only have a party with all the trimmings. You’ll also save money on additional decorations.

7- Reserve in Advance

Many sports venues operate during a season. This is when they do the most business. It’s also when you can take the time to plan in advance and decide which days you like best. If you can reserve well in advance, you’ll often be able to negotiate lower fees and better services. However, they can still be open at other times of the year. For example, you can go to an ice hockey venue even in the summer. Get away from the sun and save money at the same time.

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