7 Reasons To Become An Owner Operator

If you always loved taking road trips while growing up and have loved traveling as an adult, a career as an owner-operator may be your perfect career. Driving an average of 2,000-3,000 miles per week, these drivers not only get to see the entire United States, but also play a pivotal role in the nation’s economy. After all, without truck drivers to deliver products to stores, shelves would always be empty. If you are considering a career in the trucking industry but still have a desire to do things your way each day, here are seven great reasons to become an owner-operator.


For most owner-operators, driving down the highway as their own boss is the only way to go. As an owner-operator, you get to decide how many hours you will work, how often you will drive, which jobs to take, and how much time you will spend at home. However, don’t let the flexibility lull you into complacency. Since you’ll likely have truck payments to make, you’ll need to work enough to make sure the bills are paid.

Travel Where You Choose

As an owner-operator, you can travel wherever you choose. For example, if you spent years driving for a company that sent you all over the country, you can become an owner-operator and choose to work closer to home. Or if you prefer, you can hit the open road and see the many sights the U.S. has to offer. Whichever option you choose, the best part is it will be your decision.

Living the American Dream 

By being an owner-operator, you will be living the American dream that so many other people only wish they were doing. While it takes plenty of hard work to be an owner-operator, at least you will know that every bit of sweat you put into your business will be benefiting you directly, rather than a large corporation of which you are only a small part. Along with this, since you’ll be in control, you can always be on the lookout for new opportunities, which will also mean new and larger profits for you and your business.

Job Stability

If you want job stability and security, climb behind the wheel of a big-rig. According to estimates, since many of today’s truck drivers are retiring or nearing retirement age, there will be a need for almost 4 million truck drivers over the next decade. With more and more stores and other businesses continuing to open across the nation, chances are there will be no shortage of opportunities for owner-operators to have plenty of loads to haul from Point A to Point B. 

Excellent Pay for Minimal Training

If you are a young adult who does not want to attend college but still wants a high-paying career, becoming an owner-operator offers this and much more. To earn a CDL at an accredited truck-driving school, it takes an average of only seven weeks of full-time study and over-the-road training. While most states require a person holding a CDL be at least 21 years old, this will not be a problem. If you’re just graduating high school, you can get a job and earn some money to pay for your training. Thus, once you are finished with your training and have a CDL, you’ll be ready to start your journey as an owner-operator.

Maximizing Your Profit Margins

As an owner-operator, you are able to have much more control over your profit margins. Since you will be in control of all expenses such as fuel, maintenance, and taxes, you can decide which jobs will be most profitable. By doing so, you will know that even if you have to put in a few extra hours on the road, it will mean additional money in your pocket.

Involve Your Family

For many owner-operators, perhaps the biggest benefit of being their own boss is being able to involve their family in the business. For many couples, they decide to become a husband-and-wife team, traveling around the country. And in the summer and other times of the year when kids are out of school, they can climb in the rig’s cab and go on the road trip of a lifetime.

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