7 Reasons to Use a Password Manager

We all use passwords. It has become ingrained in society at this point. Smartphones, computers, tablets, websites and services all use passwords. Keeping track of them can be difficult for most people to remember. Luckily, you could use a password manager to store all the passwords you need. Worried about the risks of using something like that? Don’t be. They’re very safe and secure. Why should you use one? Consider that most people are prone to forget or remember passwords wrong by default. Here are seven more reasons.

#1. All You Need Is One

Yes, the simple and obvious reason is that you would only have to remember a single password. If it’s something that sticks out in your mind, used on a consistent basis, you are sure to never forget. It should be obvious how much this could benefit the average person. Services, websites, and devices all need their own passwords. With a password manager, they all get synced to the cloud, allowing you to access them from anywhere. All you have to do is install the manager on the rest of your devices. In truth, it doesn’t even need to be a complex master password.

#2. Two-Factor Authentication

The gold standard for added security. Password managers allow you to set up a question only you could answer. You could also have a PIN number texted to your phone. This keeps unwanted eyes out of your password database. Intruders need intimate knowledge of your life or physical access to your device to get in.

#3. Random Password Generation

This will appeal to people who aren’t very creative. Popular password managers can generate very strong passwords to use anywhere you want. They are extremely complex and impossible to remember, much less guess or type. They are also unique only to the website or service you’re signing up for. Because you will always have access to them through your manager, you won’t need to remember them. If you hate coming up with passwords, this is the feature for you.

#4. It’s All A Numbers Game

If you do have a lot of passwords to keep track of, it’s going to be very hard unless you use the same ones. Unfortunately, doing that carries its own risks. With how often passwords get leaked due to faulty security on websites, you want unique ones. This keeps you the safest you can be online. Plus, with the sheer number of websites and services out there, the odds are against you that you can keep track. For these reasons, a password manager can shine.

#5. Laziness Wins the Day

Yes, setting up your password manager will take some effort. The reward comes in after you do. If you get tired of entering usernames and passwords into services, this is for you. With the auto-complete feature, a simple press of a button will enter your information for you. This can save you a lot of time and keystrokes in the long run.

#6. You Don’t Need to Be a Tech Wizard

As password managers become more popular, they’re also getting easier to use. Average folks who aren’t big into technology can gain the benefits of them. They aren’t hard to use. In fact, there are tutorials available to show you all the steps you need to take to set it up and get it ready. The same applies to syncing the passwords across devices and getting those ready.

#7. Save Time On Help Desks

The biggest time waster for customer service employees is retrieving passwords. This is the time that they could spend elsewhere. Forgetting passwords is a hassle for everyone. Companies without automated password reset systems benefit the most from password managers. Users benefit by not having to go through the process to have their passwords reset. Everyone wins.

As the Internet becomes more robust, the need for different passwords grows. As we’ve covered here, you can relieve a lot of headaches and hassle by having your passwords managed. It’s safe, free, and user-friendly. It’s convenient, useful, and saves time. Auto-generated passwords are also, on average, far more secure than user-created passwords are.

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