7 Things to Love About the Chevy Blazer

The history of the cherished Chevrolet Blazer began in 1969 and didn’t conclude its last chapter until 1994- the year in which it was transformed into the Tahoe. Because the model has been renamed before and has such a complicated history, it’s sometimes hard to remember just how glamorous and “tough” the original Blazers were. The legendary model had such a fond place in memory that in 2019, it made a full-fledged return as none other than itself, the true blue Blazer of memory. There’s a lot more to appreciate about the new Blazer than just memories, though, as they’ve revamped this legend into something to truly get excited about. Here’s why you are free to love the Chevy Blazer with no apologies.

1. Bold Appearance

When an old legend makes a brand new appearance, it’s only natural that it’s the outside that will make the first impression. Chevy paid close attention to this detail by giving the Blazer its all new bold, aggressive, and muscular look. A sloping hood leads into the well-known Chevy bowtie and a grille that really strikes an intimidating note with onlookers. You’re gonna love this one first and foremost because it’s a good looking SUV.

2. Hands-free Liftgate

Convenience was always a part of the Blazer’s past, as many people use these as family SUVs. Chevy gave everyone a great surprise when they offered the Blazer a hands-free liftgate. Just swipe your foot under the rear bumper and you’re free to start packing your groceries or shopping hauls without having to struggle with grocery bags.

3. Security

The Blazer itself should always be safe, but so should everything inside of that vehicle. Chevy offered a really nice security feature when they installed an electronically locked glove box that activates as soon as you turn it on (just put it in Valet Mode).

4. Connected

The Blazer now boasts a wireless charging pad that you can select as an option. It’s even standard on some trims. Throw in 6 USB ports for optimal travel connectivity, and you’ve got a Blazer that’s ready for the modern age.

5. New Cargo System

Sometimes you need to take it with you when you go, and Chevy makes that possible with the Blazer thanks to a brand new Cargo Management System. Using a fence and rail system, you can securely keep your cargo in place and have plenty of room for it thanks to the generous portion of cargo space Chevy gave to the Blazer.

6. Towing Capacity

People with smaller 5th wheel campers and other hauling needs are going to be thrilled with the 4,500 pounds of towing capacity the Blazer brings to the table. They’ve also given you a hitch guidance system that works with your camera so that you can easily hitch everything up and be ready to go in a jiffy. Mid-size SUVs like this often offer much less towing capacity than the Blazer, so it’s great for fans of the brand to know that they can still grab their Blazer and retain their ability to tow moderate hauls.

7. Standard Teen Driver

Fans of the Blazer might buy it just because it’s a Blazer, but it’s nice to know that Chevy threw in standard Teen Driver to help owners who have teens that will be driving the family SUV from time to time. The Teen Driver system monitors the driving performance of your teen and lets you review it easily so that you can correct any driving behaviors and give advice. If your teen is speeding, you’ll know it. Plus, if you’re nervous to drive an SUV for the first time this system is great for you too!


Now that the new Blazer is on highways, it’s easy to see why there was so much nostalgic excitement for its release. Just hearing the name Blazer got many folks ready to see a legend reborn again, and given the many virtues of the new Blazer, it’s safe to say that Chevrolet did not muddle up the memories. They’ve created a Blazer that’s new and modern in its own right, with many nods to the past that will please older drivers.

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