8 Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD oil (cannabidiol) products have swiftly become a part of many people’s healthy lifestyles and for good reasons. The cannabis compound has been researched significantly and shown to deliver incredible medicinal benefits to humans and pets.

When cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp part of the marijuana plant, it does not create the stoned or high feeling brought on by pot smoking. The THC present does not contain psychoactive effects, but CBD oil does possess powerful healing elements.

CBD oil keeps growing in popularity, and Forbes Magazine took a further look at the multi-use product and how it stacks up against traditional medicine. The publication’s research found a 2017 study that questioned an online community of 2,400 cannabis patients about their usage of CBD oil products and their effectiveness.

The survey discovered that nearly one-half of the people who used cannabidiol products stopped taking their traditional medicines.

The advantages of using CBD oil have been recorded globally. Here are eight benefits we have found:

1. Treating Epileptic Seizures

One of the most noteworthy results of using CBD oil has come in various studies of the cannabis compound on those suffering from epilepsy and the seizures that come with it.

The latest clinical trials show that a low dose at pharmaceutical grade can successfully treat two rare forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Fewer seizures occurred, and children, especially, were able to tolerate the product.

2. Relieving Anxiety and Stress

CBD oil has become extremely popular with those experiencing panic attacks, severe headaches and other common signs of anxiety or stress. Although more studies are needed, research finds that CBD oil looks promising as modern medicine in the treatment of anxiety, neuroinflammation, schizophrenia and other conditions.

The Huffington Post cited a 2017 study from São Paulo University in Brazil that discovered benefits with CBD oil for patients with social phobias. The product acted as effectively as traditional antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds without side effects.

3. Reducing Acne and Breakouts

No one enjoys getting pimples or serious acne, and sometimes, the numerous prescription and over-the-counter products available cannot deliver a clear complexion. CBD oil, however, seems to work at reducing inflammation to the affected clogged follicles.

The extract is also able to reduce sebum from overactive sebaceous glands. That means a lesser chance of acne or breakouts developing.

4. Promising Cancer Treatment

The National Cancer Institute is careful with their words, but the organization reveals that the cannabis compound CBD may help alleviate cancer symptoms and cancer treatment side effects.

Still, the NCI does not fully endorse any part of the marijuana plant as a cancer treatment. The organization mentions plusses to CBD that includes “preventing the growth of blood vessels that supply tumors.”

5. Relieving And Managing Pain

For those who swear by CBD oil for sore muscles, arthritis and a variety of other health conditions, there’s a reason for the relief.

The Journal of Experimental Medicine looked at CBD use for general chronic pain. Research shows it’s effective for adults with the condition because it reduces aching, inflammation and overall discomfort.

The dosage doesn’t need increasing as users don’t build up a tolerance.

6. Reducing Cigarette Consumption

For those urgent to quit and return to a healthier set of lungs, CBD has come to the rescue. More research will be needed, but the latest findings are encouraging from the National Institutes of Health.

CBD inhalers have been shown to help smokers kick the nicotine obsession in reducing the number of cigarettes smoked by 40-percent during treatment.

7. Maintaining Healthy Heart

When patients can lower blood pressure, they do their body a lot of good. High BP can lead to stroke, circulatory problems and heart attack. CBD oil has the ability to bring down blood pressure.

Researchers attribute the reduction to CBD’s unique stress-anxiety-reducing properties.

8. Promoting Restful Sleep

Sleep disorders are common in adults across the United States, and many times, prescription meds pose serious side effects. CBD oil is a natural way to seek some restful ZZZs and is believed to influence dopamine levels in the bloodstream.

The cannabis compound creates relaxation and a good night’s rest. Upon waking, the user feels refreshed.

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