8 Interesting Facts on How Preroll Joints are Made

Marijuana prerolls have changed the way that many people look at cannabis. No longer are customers strictly seeking to consume buds and concentrates, people have now become intrigued with prerolls. Prerolls, which are joints rolled with cannabis, have recently caused the debatable issue of quality. Cannabis based companies have started changing the rules about what cannabis prerolls should look and taste like. Although many cannabis smokers claim to know the roots behind creating prerolls, there are still many interesting facts.. Below I have listed the most interesting facts about prerolls.

Prerolls are Made with Trim

Many prerolls on the market have trim from the cannabis plant. Trim is a term used to describe the loose leaf or unused plant material of the marijuana plant. While trim can often consist of buds, 99% of the time the prerolls have some with trim. Don’t be surprised if you find bits and pieces of stems and twigs intertwined into the preroll.

Specialty Prerolls are Made with Buds

While most prerolls at dispensaries have a low-grade of shake, specialty prerolls by cannabis companies often have top shelf cannabis. Top shelf prerolls are made with the best top shelf strains of marijuana. These prerolls are often served in colorful or branded joint tubes as oppose to clear bags. Branded prerolls are a better choice for those looking to smoke a high-grade of cannabis.

The Paper Cones are Pre-rolled

Paper cones are rolling papers that have a paper filter at the end. The cones often come i formed in the shape of cones to make it easy for joint rollers. The cone keeps its shape to aid in rolling a perfect joint. Cones are found at most dispensaries or stores that have rolling papers.

Prerolls are Machine Loaded

While it’s tempting to think that budtenders and dispensaries roll prerolls by hand, this is a big myth. Prerolls in marijuana dispensaries aren’t rolled by hand, they’re rolled by a machine. Cannabis gets loaded into the machine first and then the paper cones get attached to the top or side of the machine. The machine then shakes from side to side while the cannabis goes into the cone. A rolling stick or stuffer helps to pack the cannabis down into the cone. The machine will shake the cone to prevent air pockets from forming.

Prerolls are Mixed with Different Strains

Most prerolls are a mixed combination of different cannabis strains. The trim is often collected from the bottom of the cannabis jars in the dispensary. THC crystals and bits of cannabis mix together at the bottom to make trim. Dispensaries and cannabis producers collect trim from many different strains and combine them to make the shake. The shake is then rolled into the prerolls. Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains get blended together to roll the prerolls.

Prerolls are Free or First Time Patient Deals

Many prerolls get sold at the dispensary, however, most prerolls are given as part of a bonus or first-time patient deal. When a customer goes into the dispensary for the first time, the gift of choice is often a preroll or edible. Most of the time these free prerolls have a low-grade of cannabis, therefore, the dispensary gives them away

Prerolls get Rolled with Concentrates

Branded prerolls often have added forms of cannabis such as concentrates. Concentrates such as wax, shatter and hemp oil make great additions to the prerolls to make them much stronger. For instance, a preroll of OG may also have hemp oil and kief applied. Moonrocks are a perfect example of this. Prerolls rolled with Moonrocks are sure to have an added kick and increase in THC.

Cannabis Strain determines Preroll Potency

The type of cannabis in the preroll will decide how strong or weak it is. For instance, the Blue Dream cannabis strain has a lower THC than Girl Scout Cookies, therefore, the preroll with Girl Scout Cookies would be stronger. Not all prerolls will be created equal. Sativa based prerolls will cause energetic effects which most Indica and Hybrid strains will cause a more relaxed and calm feeling.

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