8 Reasons to Consider a Career as an Electrician

After completing high school, your concern is likely to be what you should do next. If you want to attend college but haven’t found your passion yet, you should consider a career as an electrician. Imagine the world without electricity, and you will understand how critical electrical engineers are. Besides, if you want a stable, future-proof job, electrical engineering should be an option especially in this era that relies heavily on electricity. Check out the perks that come with the job.

1. You will have an easy time finding your first job

Electricians do not have to worry about finding their first job after finishing their school work because there are many job vacancies. Many employers are constantly on the lookout for fresh graduates who are well trained. They are happy to receive the young minds into their companies so that they can turn them into experts.

2. The pay is awesome

Electricians go home with attractive paychecks, which increase every year. The reason for the great payment is that there is a shortage in the number of skilled electricians. It leaves the employers scrambling for the few available ones by luring them with excellent salaries. The more the experience you gain as an electrician, the higher the amount you are likely to earn.

3. You do not need a college degree

The traditional path for most careers is to attend college for about four years, after which one usually graduates and looks for a job. That is not the case for electricians, as they can gain the skills through apprenticeship. So, if this is your dream career and you cannot afford the full tuition fees, there is no cause for alarm. Enroll in an apprenticeship program and gain the skills you need to flourish as an electrician. Once you start working on minor projects, you will earn some money to pay for your studies.

4. You will never get bored

If you are not into repetitive job positions, being an electrician might be the right fit for you. The work is usually challenging and unpredictable. Every project will bring a new angle that requires creativity and application of your skills to sail through. One day you might be doing a regular installation, while on another day you are doing some inspection or testing project.

5. You will have several career options

Electricians can choose from a broad range of career alternatives. Some of the specialty areas that you can practice include:

  • Underwater cabling
  • Security system installation
  • Industrial work in factories
  • Servicing computers
  • Communications

You can also consider advancing your career. With basic electrician training, you can work your way up to become an electrical engineer, electrical design engineer or contract manager.

6. Be your boss

If employment doesn’t fascinate you and you would like to own a business, consider an electrician career. You can start a business without much work experience. The only limitation would be that you should pass the certification exam. Your company may focus on a specific area, or you can be a jack of all trades. You can also run a private practice parallel to your day job.

7. Stimulating work environment

Sitting behind a desk all day can be dull. Electricians get to be out there dealing with the “rough and tough”. You may have to move around towns because the clients require that the electrician go to the premise. Even when you are based in one city, you will continuously be on the move from one home or office to another. No two days are the same for an electrician.

8. Electricians are respected for their expertise

Electrical skills are not crucial for getting a paycheck; they are useful in daily activities too. That is why electricians are highly appreciated for their knowledge. Nothing is as fulfilling as working in an environment where your co-workers respect and value what you do. You are sure to lead a happy career life.

There is a growing demand for electricians. With all these benefits that you are likely to receive, there is no reason for you not to consider a career in this field. There is potential for career growth and advancement too.

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