8 Tips for Choosing Your Next Set of Patio Furniture

A patio is a wonderful place to relax. Patios are private areas often hidden from view. 

Patio furniture makes any patio even more inviting. When picking out such furniture, it’s important to keep certain things in mind. This includes specifics such as the regional climate, existing home decor and ease of cleaning. 

In Person

Looking online and via catalog is an excellent way to begin the search for any patio furniture. At the same time, it’s best to see any items in person. Sit down on each item. Note how much give there is to the cushions. Look closely at all parts. Seating should feel comfortable. Metal parts should be firmly welded in place. 

Regional Climate

Climate variation is an another important consideration when picking out any kind of outdoor furniture. Some places have a mild climate. In that case, residents may be using the items for much of the year. In other instances, people may only use the items for a few months annually. 

Ease of Storage

Storage can take many forms. Even in a warm climate, the homeowner might want to bring in items during certain times of the year. Many homeowners look for items that can be folded with ease and placed in a covered space such as a garage. In that case, it should be easy to carry the furniture and easy to open it again. 

The Use of Color

Color is a strong element in any outside home design plan. Any outdoor furniture should ideally fit into any home decor plan well. Outdoor furniture can also be used to help create an outdoor focal point that adds lots of much welcomed color. Outdoor furniture colors can be coordinated with any existing plantings and help show them off. 

Types of Materials

Patio furniture comes in many different types of materials. Homeowners can find cast iron furniture with lots of elegant details that adds character and shows off delicate lines at the same time. Many items have a combination of different types of material including fabric and metal. Using varied types of different patio furniture can create interest. For example, a cast iron bench can be placed in the middle of garden while an outdoor wooden glider with thick cushions is left underneath the porch to provide a perch for people watching. 

Outdoor Activities

All homeowners should also take into account the kinds of activities they do outdoors. One family may have lots of family ties and spend a lot of time entertaining others each month. In that case, they will want to have patio furniture that can stand up to heavy use over time and still look fabulous. They may also want to have items that can be placed under a porch or left out in the sun and still offer pleasing seating. 

Flexible Items

The porch is a place with great flexibility. One day, the homeowner may stretch out and take a nap. The next, they’re there to welcome a dozen guests for a summer party. Ideal outdoor furniture can offer the kind of flexibility that people need to use their backyard effectively. For example, pieces that can be used as seating or as a table for guests works well in any home. Many pieces can also be used as storage. A small piece can serve as a footrest. Open the top and it contains additional storage inside. Items that can serve as tables or as seating are also ideal for those who do a lot of entertaining each season. 

The Flooring

Flooring forms an important part of any seating arrangement whether indoors or outside. Today, it’s easier than ever to find ways to soften a concrete patio. Different kinds of rugs are being made of material that is more durable than ever in varied colors and patterns. Homeowners everywhere can take advantage of this and find lots of rugs that set the scene for the rest of their patio furniture and provide a soft place to sit. A rug in a beautiful, lively pattern can also provide excellent contrast to the other items and set them off nicely.

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