8 Ways to Make Packing For a Move a Game for Your Kids

Moving can be a long, difficult process. It can be even more so when there are little ones involved. Moving to a new home, attending a new school and going through changes can have them feeling unsettled. To make the moving process a little easier on them, find ways to make the packing and moving process fun. There are many ways to accomplish this and make a game out of it. Consider some of the fun ideas below.

Scavenger Hunt

A game of scavenger hunt can be fun for the kids and a way to keep them entertained while the adults get to work. Take a few items and hide them in safe areas for the kids to explore. Be sure all dangerous items are removed before you begin the game. Allow them time to search in boxes until they find the treasure.

Create A Packing Song

Singing can make any type of chore easier to handle. One fun idea to consider is making up a silly moving song that relates to your family. It doesn’t have to be perfect and can be based off of a popular song everyone already knows. It’s fun to work together and see what type of song you come up with. If everyone enjoys it, the same song can help ease unpacking at the new home as well.

Box Decorations

If your kids aren’t excited to help pack things into the boxes, maybe they would enjoy decorating the boxes that are already finished. Let them have markers and stickers to create beautiful moving boxes. If the kids are old enough, allow them to tape and label the boxes for you.


With the excess clutter and mountains of boxes, it may be fun to play a short game of hide-and-seek. This can break up the monotony of packing and allow the kids to have some fun during the move. Identify areas of the home that kids should not hide in to ensure everyone stays safe while playing.

Box Basketball

A fun game of basketball might get your kids interested and having a blast. Take extra boxes and laundry baskets that are empty and place them on one side of the room. Next, find some non-perishable, non-breakable items the kids can take turns throwing into the box or basket. Stuffed animals and rolled up socks make great “basketballs” to throw. To make the game more difficult, put obstacles in the way of the basket. Your kids will have to think strategically to make a basket.

Indoor Fort And Camping

Chances are good you will not finish packing in a single day. When plenty of boxes are packed full, allow your kids to build a fort using the boxes and a sheet. They can have lots of fun playing in the fort while the adults take care of other moving tasks. If you have already sent your belongings with the movers, consider allowing the kids to pitch a small tent in their rooms or living room. Indoor camping is an experience most kids love to do, and they can make great memories.

Little Surprises

Whether you have older kids or young ones, all kids love surprises. Buy some special, inexpensive toys or stickers to hide around the house for them to find while packing. To make it more special, attach a note to each surprise reminding them how awesome they are. You may also consider leaving notes with “tasks” or riddles needing to be solved before earning the prize. This game is especially fun for older kids.

Imaginative Play With Boxes

Just about everyone has fond memories from their childhood of playing with cardboard boxes. There is just something about them that really gets the imagination going. Allow your kids to play with the extra moving boxes. They can play in them or use them for craft projects. This is a great idea when their toys have already been packed.

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