9 Crafts to Try Using Transfer Paper

If you like to make unique clothing, art designs, or other crafts, using all of the tools at your disposal is very beneficial. One tool that can be a great option for anyone that likes to do crafts is transfer paper. This is a type of paper that is used to place images onto clothing, wood, and a variety of different materials. It uses a heat press and other processes to make sure that the transfer is done as cleanly as possible. There are nine crafts in particular that are perfect for transfer paper usage. 

Create Advertisement T-Shirts 

If you are looking to build a brand for a company or product, nothing is better than creating a t-shirt. As opposed to going to an expensive t-shirt manufacturer, you may be able to make your own by using transfer paper. When you use transfer paper to do this, you will be able to create any logo you want and have it placed onto blank t-shirts to promote your product or organization. 


Another great produce to enhance using transfer paper would be hats. Similar to t-shirts, hats can be a good tool to help promote an organization. You can purchase blank hats in bulk for a low price, which can then be modified through the use of transfer paper to make them look great. 


If you are looking to make a fun gift for a friend or loved one, a great option would be to make them a unique mug. A nice mug can be a great gift as it is practical to use and can be a fun thing for them to display at their home or office. You can use transfer paper to put virtually any image onto a mug. 

Wall Art 

One of the best things about transfer paper is that you can use it to be as creative as you want. If there is a painting or image that you would like to put onto wall art, you can ultimately create it on your own using transfer paper. This will allow you to be creative and create some truly personalized decorations. 

Wall Stencil 

While you can use transfer paper to make art to hang on your wall, you can also use it to create unique stencils. If there is an image that you would like to have displayed, creating a stencil could be a great option. When you do this, you will be able to use the transfer paper to trace the image onto drywall. This will then allow you to either color or shade it in directly onto the wall in any color that you want. 

Wooden Crate 

Crates today are used for a variety of purposes including storage and transportation. While these are generally used for traditional purposes, they can be upgraded and modified to be more stylish through the use of transfer paper. When you use transfer paper, you can easily put any image or verbiage onto the wooden crate. This can make them more functional and easier to organize while also adding style. 

Wood Display 

Many people also like to use wood to create fun signs or home décor. While you can paint onto wood directly, you could also use transfer paper to create a more detailed and perfected image that will look great no matter where you place it. Typically, you will need to use transfer paper to create a stencil that can be filled in using other means. 

Flower Pot 

If you are looking to have a nice home garden, creating some cool flower pots could be a great option and addition. There are a variety of transfer paper kits that can be used to decorate ceramic flower pots. This can help to make the pots a unique and interesting addition to either your home garden or a room in your home. 

Educational Tools 

Finally, you can use transfer paper as a way to make fun educational tools. Getting kids excited about learning is a challenge. However, when you get them involved in the process of using transfer paper, you can use the process and ultimate product as a way to learn their letters and numbers much better than they did before.

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