9 Unique Ideas for Increasing Your School’s Fundraising Efforts

In order to pay for those field trips and new computers, your school utilizes fundraising. This type of effort helps to teach children how to be resourceful and active in the public arena. If your fundraising sales are in the tubes, here are nine unique ways you can improve them. 

Setup An Online Giving Platform

One of the biggest issues that you can run into when doing school fundraisers is simply people who don’t have the time or the actual cash on them to participate. Luckily, with online giving platforms, you can overcome this problem. With a simple post on social media and school websites, you can alert people about the online giving platform. This way they can use it at a time that is convenient for them. These online giving platforms can also accept debit cards and PayPal which can make the giving process even smoother. 

Sell School Merchandise

If you’re a parent of a child in school, it’s likely you already own a few articles of clothing sporting the school logo. How many of those items did you get from a fundraiser? You should think about offering school merchandise, like clothing or pens, that will allow parents to show off their school spirit while supporting the fundraising efforts. This is a big plus for those parents who purchase items as they’re able to support their children’s school while gaining the benefit of purchasing items they would’ve bought anyway. 

Discount Fundraiser Cards

Local businesses love helping out the schools in their areas as it’s great publicity for them. One great way to involve local businesses in your school’s fundraising is to ask them to participate in discount fundraising cards. These are cards that typically sport the school logo on the front and have a ton of small coupons on the back. Your school will sell each card for a set price to anyone that wants to buy it. For example, you may get a 10 percent discount at the local pizza shop when you show your fundraiser discount card. Many businesses will opt to participate in the simple fact that they know offering a discount brings more customers in the door to spend money. 

Do Fundraising At School Events

When thinking of the best time to implement school fundraising, you simply can’t beat school events. When there are things like school plays or sporting events going on, you’re going to be seeing a lot of supporters of the school and its students. The people who attend these events will likely be in a high school spirit and be more than willing to participate in helping out the school’s fundraising efforts. Fundraisers, where you’re selling school merchandise or discount cards, are perfect for setting up tables on the way into a school event to catch these targetted audiences. 

Involve Teacher And Parent Rewards

We all just like the thrill of the competition. Being able to say that we performed better than others is a driving factor to get your fundraising efforts through the roof. You can offer simple incentives for a parent, such as offering free tickets to a school event for the top-selling parent. For teachers, you can offer a free dress-down day to the teacher who sold the most items. 

Get Your Principle To Do A Challenge

We all remember those days in school where the principle was the big cheese. Anything they did that was out of the ordinary was fun and made for an exciting day. Why not make this a reality for the students at your school. Set a fundraising goal and ask your principal to participate in a challenge if the school reaches that goal. Some challenges include dying their hair, performing a song, undergoing a silly string attack, slime buck drop, or even skydiving.

Tap Into Your Alumni Network

A great way to raise school spirit and bring in more fundraising money is to involve alumni. Get a list of past alumni and get in touch. Let them know what the fundraising goals are and simply ask them to help out. Some may offer monetary donations while others may offer to volunteer their time. 

Offer Small Donation Dress-Down Days

This can be utilized for kids, teachers, and staff. Set out a few days each month where your students pay a small fee, such as a dollar, to dress down. If you don’t have school uniforms, then be creative. You can offer pj Mondays or costume Fridays. 

Recycling Day

One great way to raise some funds for your school without spending any is to organize a recycling day. You can talk to a local recycling center in your area to discover how much money they will pay per load. Then, ask all your students to collect as many recyclables as possible. If you really want to get them excited, pick out a large place where they can try to fill up with the recycling, such as a courtyard.

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