About Us

Marquettet Tribune has been reporting on news and global events since 1999.

We have nearly twenty years of experience in bringing stories to the public’s attention and have always existed entirely as an online publication.

Our site is updated several times a day and we also provide a newsletter, which is a digest of the week’s events, available for subscription.

With thousands of views per day, we can truly claim to be a serious news outlet and our stories are featured in various publications, from the New York Times to USA Today.

Amongst our readers, we can count many hundreds of journalists.

News and current affairs journalists subscribe to our site, to keep updated on all the latest stories that are breaking in the world at any given time.

Our respected status means that also politicians, of all stripes and from many countries, read our pages.

We are a trusted news source and are used by many professionals as a reliable place to get the latest on an unfolding story.

Considering our beginnings were small – we had just a team of four journalists working for us back in 1999 – Marquettet Tribune is immensely proud of its’ achievements over the years.

Our team has now expanded considerably to a crew of over a hundred journalists, writers, bloggers, photographers and other news gatherers.

We also have a substantial talent base at our offices in New York, where the site is designed and maintained.

We are always on the lookout for new stories and developments in the world and actively encourage our readers to keep us updated with any items which would be of interest.

At the moment we are recruiting for writers and journalists to submit to us and send us their stories.

We cannot guarantee that we will use all the material we are sent, but if we are interested, we will contact you directly.