How To Approach a Neighbor About Cutting Their Dead Tree Limb

Broken tree branches aren’t anything to worry about until a big storm hits your neighborhood. When you see some large branches hanging over your house, you’ll have trouble sleeping at night. Every time a strong gust of wind sweeps through your neighborhood, you’ll be listening for the cracking sound of that big tree branch. A tree branch that’s hanging over your home could damage your roof, it could break a window, and the heavy tree branch could actually hurt someone that you love. The dead limb has to go, and you’ll need to hire a professional to haul it away.

When you live in a community with other people, there might come a time when you encounter a problem dealing with a tree that doesn’t belong to you. If it’s growing from your neighbor’s side of the property line, then your neighbor is the one that needs to deal with the issue. Legally, you’re not supposed to take dead limbs from the neighbor’s tree. Even the dead limb that hangs over your house is your neighbor’s responsibility. It’s not possible to hire a professional company to deal with the limb because you don’t have the right to prune the tree. Here are some tips on approaching your neighbor about cutting the dead limb from their tree.

Timing Is Crucial

When you are dealing with a threat to your family’s safety, time is of the essence. At any moment, a large storm could come through your area. It’s happening all over the country. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of a hurricane with a big, dead branch hanging over your house. It’s important that you get in contact with your neighbor as soon as possible.

Even though you need to reach your neighbor as soon as possible, it’s not always easy to get in contact with the other people living in your community. Consider your neighbor’s schedule. Try to remember what time they are typically available around their home.

It’s an Important Issue

Sometimes, your efforts will get you nowhere, and you must resort to a more direct way of solving an issue. You need to have your neighbor deal with the dead limb that hangs over your property, so you’re going to do everything you can do to get their attention. If you’re having trouble tracking them down, leave a note on their door. If the note goes unanswered, try calling any of their phone numbers.

You need to go over to their house the next time you see someone is home to discuss finding a peaceful resolution. They might be avoiding you, but you have tried several ways to kindly ask them to take care of their tree. You need to make sure your family and your home remain safe, so you must advise them to cut the dead tree limb.

Offer to Help Pay

Some homeowners are doing everything in their power to keep their mortgages paid, so they may have trouble finding more money in their wallets to lend to your cause. If you’re dealing with a neighbor that doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, you might need to provide some of the capital required to hire a professional to deal with the dead tree limb. Although the limb comes from a tree that is your neighbor’s responsibility, you need to think of doing what is best to protect your family from harm.

Adding some money to the cost of removing the tree limb should entice your neighbor, and it won’t be a total loss. Your family will feel safer when the dead limb is removed, and you’ll look like a hero for taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of the people that you love. The tree will be removed by professionals, and your neighbor will respect you for taking initiative in the situation.

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