How to Bounce Back from Fire Damage in Your Home

5 Tips On How To Bounce Back From Fire Damage In Your Home

Your home is your haven from the world, so what could be more devastating than to experience fire damage or even lose it in a fire? Thousands of families across America experience devastating house fires each year. Many of these tragedies also take lives. Have you and your family survived a recent fire? Although the most precious thing spared from the flames were your lives, you probably lost all your belongings and a lifetime of irreplaceable memories. These are a few ways of getting your life back together.

1. Get Counseling

Having your home and all your possessions going up in smoke would be a devastating loss. Even more traumatic would be if you and your family were in the house, and you barely escaped the inferno with your lives. Such a loss can cause anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and depression—especially in children. Consider taking the whole family to a certified counselor who has experience working with trauma, grief, and post-traumatic stress. You will have multiple issues of loss and healing that can successfully be addressed.

2. Return to the Site

When you can return to your home after a fire will depend on the extent of the damage. If the fire was quenched at an early stage, your house might have only suffered minimal damage. Fires that spread throughout the entire structure usually cause complete destruction. Before you attempt to enter your home after a fire, be sure that the fire marshal has deemed it safe to do so. Then, you can begin the task of salvaging what you can.

3. Saving and Restoring Your Possessions

If your house had minimal damage, you might be able to save a lot of your belongings. In addition to the flames, smoke and water damage can destroy furniture, clothes, and other possessions beyond repair. Talk to a reputable and experienced company that refurbishes fire-damaged items. These professionals can evaluate what you rescued and will determine what is fixable and what is a lost cause. It would be worth it for things that are sentimental or difficult to replace. This service is usually covered under most household insurance policies.

4. Dealing with Irreplaceable Items

Almost every family who survives a house fire doesn’t mourn lost things that can be replaced with insurance funds. They grieve for family pictures and heirlooms that can never be replaced. Hopefully, you are one of the people who keep valuables in a fire-proof safe. You could retrieve many of your digital photos if you stored them in an online storage system.

If your items are lost, then talk to friends and family who may have copies of pictures you lost. Most people give out baby pictures and family pictures throughout the years, so someone is bound to have some to replace yours. For the precious things you can’t recover, remember them in your heart, and you will always have them.

5. Rebuilding and Recovering

Depending on the terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy, you and your family may get a few days in a hotel while your fire damage is being evaluated. Afterward, you may need to stay with friends or family until minimal damage is repaired. Work closely with your insurance agent and know how much money will be allotted for loss, damage, and repairs that will be needed. If your house is gone, you will need to decide whether to rebuild or buy another home.

According to your insurance payout and income, social service organizations are available to help you with temporary housing, clothing, and basic needs. Don’t be ashamed to allow family and friends to reach out to help.

It is not an easy task to bounce back after a house fire. With help from professionals, family, and friends, you and your family can rebuild your lives. Even if you couldn’t save all your possessions, you saved what mattered the most: each other. Soon, you will be safe and secure again in your home with this tragedy behind you.


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