How-to Design Custom Baseball Caps

Nothing is better than a great baseball cap with a clear, concise message on it. It can be the accessory that pulls together an outfit to make it complete. Creating a custom baseball cap that is amazing can be more difficult than you would think. The number of ideas and options to use are limitless. While there is no denying a sleek, classic look to a baseball hat, a custom one can be even better. 

There are many steps involved in creating the perfect custom baseball cap. No matter what the reason behind creating one is, the following steps are all you need to get yourself on the way to an excellent product. 

1. Pick Cap Style 

The first and most important step is to pick the style of hat you want to customize. There are many great options to choose from beyond baseball caps including beanies, fitted, trucker hats and snapbacks. Once you have selected the style of cap you want to customize, you will be ready to start the next step. 

2. Choose A Color Scheme 

For some people, this will be the easiest step in the process. For others, choosing the right color for the baseball cap will be a very difficult one. Choosing the right color will depend on what your logo will be and the colors you are going to use. All of the colors you choose for your hat and logo need to match. When designing your custom baseball cap online, you will be able to mix and match many color schemes until you find the right mix. 

3. Add Your Image 

While not everyone will choose to place an image on their custom baseball cap, there are certainly endless options to consider. If you are designing a company hat, you may want to add a picture that relates to the company, such as the picture located on the logo. As with the color scheme, you will be able to place an image onto your hat before you make your final decision. Most companies will allow you to use one of their many available images or allow you to upload your own. Keep in mind that you will not be able to place an image onto your customized baseball cap that is copyrighted. 

4. Add Text 

It doesn’t matter if you opted for an image or not, you may want to add some text onto your customized baseball cap. The text you choose to have put on the cap will depend on the hat’s intended purpose. You may decide to put your company name, your motto, website address or something else significant to you. There is only a limited amount of space to place text on your hat. Once you chose the text to have embroidered, you will have to choose the font, size and placement. This part can be tricky and may take some time before you are happy with your choices. 

5. Final Inspection And Purchase 

Now that you have picked your hat style, the color scheme and decided on text and images, it is time to inspect everything all together. This is the time to make last-minute changes to things you aren’t quite happy about. Do not rush this step because once you pay for it, it is a done deal. When you are completely satisfied, you will be able to purchase your custom-designed baseball cap. Depending on the reason for the hat, you may choose to order just a single cap or many. Some companies will offer discounts to buyers who purchase multiples of the same hat. 

Now that you have designed your own custom baseball cap, the next step is to simply wait for it to arrive. Once you have it, wear it proudly anytime you are able to. When it comes in the mail, be sure to give it a thorough look to make sure everything was done how you ordered it. If you notice anything wrong, call the customer service department of the company you ordered from. They should be more than happy to work with you and come up with a solution. If you are happy with how your custom baseball cap turned out, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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