How-to Reorganize Your Apartment on a Budget

When you live in an apartment, you don’t have a lot of space, so it is essential to get organized. At the same time, you may not have the cash for the top-of-the-line organizing systems. However, you can find inexpensive ways to organize an apartment so that you can reduce your daily stress from having too much clutter. Use these tips for organizing on your own with items that you can make or that are easy to find. 

Tip 1: Begin by Getting Rid of Clutter 

First, sort through all of your possessions to get rid of excess clutter, making it easier to organize what is left. You may have unneeded duplicate items, or perhaps, you have stacks of clothing that no longer fit. If your closets are filled with broken electronics or nonfunctional small appliances, then take the items to a recycling center immediately. 

Tip 2: Use Cardboard Boxes 

You may already have cardboard boxes in your apartment, and you can repurpose these to use as organizational devices. Small cardboard boxes are great to use in the cabinets underneath sinks in the bathroom or kitchen to organize health care products or household cleansers. If the cardboard boxes get damaged from water from the pipes, then you can simply throw the things away. 

Tip 3: Clothes Hangers 

There are packages of plastic or wire clothes hangers at discount stores, and these are inexpensive. If you have piles of clothing on the floor of your bedroom or stacked on the shelves in a closet, then you can hang more clothing to avoid having a disorganized room. 

Tip 4: Plastic Laundry Baskets 

If your children have numerous toys such as stuffed animals, action figures and blocks, then have them organize the items in laundry baskets. These items are washable and cheap. In addition, you won’t need to worry about a child dropping or breaking one of these while cleaning a room. 

Tip 5: Use Hanging Shoe Organizers 

Look for inexpensive hanging shoe organizers at local stores, or you can buy washable fabric to make one of these for your bedroom closet. It is possible to attach shoe organizers to a wall of a closet or its door to keep your shoes from piling up on the floor of your closet. 

Tip 6: Milk Crates 

Today, you can buy milk crates at hardware stores rather than using the dirty ones from the supermarket, and these make excellent organization devices for teenagers or children. Milk crates are stackable, and many of the items have locking systems on the bottoms or the corners so that the items won’t fall over. Use milk crates to store a variety of household items such as textbooks, DVDs or other small items. 

Tip 7: Lidded Plastic Containers 

You can buy packages of lidded plastic containers that are made to hold leftover food, but these items are also perfect for storing and sorting small things such as jewelry, hobby supplies or puzzle pieces. With the lid in place on one of these containers, you can have a room that is totally organized. 

Tip 8: Glass Jars 

Rather than spending money on glass jars to store foods such as rice or pasta, you can wash the food jars that are empty. The huge glass jars that contained spaghetti sauce, jelly or pickles are easy to wash with soapy water to clean the inside of the item along with removing the label. If you want to have attractive glass jars, then look for decorative adhesive labels at local hobby stores. 

Tip 9: Pegboards 

While you may have seen pegboards in someone’s garage, the items are also suitable for using inside an apartment. If you have a lot of kitchen gadgets such as whisks, measuring spoons and can openers, then you can use hooks to hang the items on the pegboard. You can also create a hobby center in your apartment with a pegboard so that you can store supplies such as knitting needles or cutting tools. 

Save Additional Money 

You can save additional money on storage devices by looking for sales or finding coupons. When the holiday season ends, many stores have special deals on organizational items for the home.

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