How to Stay Motivated in Your Workout Routine

Millions of people make a well-meaning commitment to stick to their workout plan every year, but they often fall off after a few days or weeks of low activity and a lack of interest to continue. Convince yourself to stay motivated about exercising by training yourself to do it. Consider these suggestions to stay on the workout grind so that you achieve the results that you want.

Remember Your Key Reasons for Exercising

If being healthier and slimmer is not enough, you can further motivate yourself by focusing on every beneficial reason that you can think of to work out. What is important to one person may not be to another, but you must identify your own unique reasons for moving forward to drive yourself. You may want to lose weight for a healthier body mass index (BMI), or maybe you are trying to slide into a designer dress or suit that you purchased months ago. Write those reasons down, and consider placing them in an area of your home and office to remind yourself every day.

Stick to a Workout Schedule

If you tell yourself you are going to work out wherever you feel like it or have the time, you may find that you do everything else but exercise. It is far easier to stick to a regimen when you weave exercise right into your daily life. Taking the stairs or the long way around after lunch can keep you in the mindset of working out whenever you have a spare moment to stay fit. If you are watching television, consider exercising through an episode. Just like any other habit, persevere until exercising becomes a reflex on workout days.

Partner Up for Success

Everything is more fun with a partner, and that includes your daily workout routine. Buddying up when it’s time to hit the block for a jog, or visiting the local dance instructor can spark motivation to stay active on an exercise plan for months. If you exercise with people who you perceive to be fit, you can naturally increase your workout time by joining them.

Blast a Cool Playlist, Audiobook, or Podcast

Creating a music playlist that encourages you to jump up and get moving is one way to stay motivated through exercising. Women’s Health Magazine suggests that choosing your favorite songs that have 125 to 140 beats per minute can help you exert the right amount of stamina during a workout. Exercising is also a clever way to catch up on the popular titles and the latest information by listening to interesting podcasts and audiobooks while in motion.

Join a Fun, Social Competition

One way to stay pumped up about exercising is to participate in a fitness challenge online, or locally. Finding a group of like-minded individuals in your community who also want to exercise to get fit can band together and encourage each other. You can use social media to inspire others, remain accountable, and share your journey throughout the competition. There are even apps that you can use to place fitness bets with family and friends. NBC News shares that fitness accountability apps allow participants to set a goal, and if it doesn’t get met, they have to pay up. Even if you don’t score the top prize, you are still a winner with a healthier body for every pound of fat lost through exercise.

Finding ways to hold yourself accountable is a major way to stay firm on your mission to keep on exercising. Store a pair of sneakers, a workout outfit, a water bottle, some free weights, and an exercise mat in your car or residence to stay ready without a gym. As you experience the fruits of fitness, it encourages you to stay in motion frequently to maintain the benefits.

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