My Uber Wrecked Their Car, What Now?

My Uber Wrecked Their Car, What Now?

If you are like more and more people in the U.S. and around the world, you are using ridesharing services such as Uber more and more often. Offering millions of rides per day worldwide, Uber is fast becoming the most preferred method of public transportation. But like it is anytime you are in a motor vehicle, there is always the chance you will be involved in an accident. If this happens while you are an Uber passenger, you’ll likely wonder what if any legal recourse you have in this situation. Rather than be left wondering what to do, here are the most important details to keep in mind should you be involved in an Uber accident, and the steps you should take towards legal action.

Report the Accident

When you are involved in an Uber accident as a passenger, always call 9-1-1 to report the accident immediately after it occurs. By doing so, you will ensure police and rescue personnel will be summoned to the scene. Along with getting a medical assessment of potential injuries you may have suffered, this will also ensure police will investigate the accident and fill out an accident report, which can be crucial should you pursue litigation.

Get Medical Treatment

Whether or not you believe you are seriously injured, always allow rescue personnel to examine you at the scene and to transport you to a hospital for further examination. In the vast majority of auto accidents, passengers are often unaware of such injuries as concussions, whiplash, back injuries, and internal injuries that may result in internal bleeding. If you fail to get proper medical treatment as quickly as possible, you not only put your health at risk, but also provide Uber and its insurer with an opening to claim you were not injured in the accident.

Get Witness Statements

If possible, get witness statements at the scene from those who saw what happened. Along with their account of what happened, also get their contact information including name, address, phone number, and email address. When getting their statement, use your smartphone to make an audio or video recording of the conversation. By doing so, it becomes difficult for the witness to change their story later on or deny they said something happened in a particular manner.

Remember the Uber Insurance Policy

If you are an Uber passenger and are involved in an accident while in an Uber vehicle, the company offers a $1 million insurance policy to cover passenger damages. However, this does not mean the company will be eager to pay out compensation for your damages. In many cases, the company will do everything possible to avoid doing so. Whether this means alleging you did something to cause the accident, were not seriously injured in the accident, or that the Uber driver was not logged in to the company’s app at the time of the accident and therefore was not on duty when the accident took place, these and other tactics will be used in an effort to avoid paying compensation.

Hire an Attorney

As ridesharing services have become more popular in recent years and the number of accidents have increased, more and more attorneys are now choosing to specialize in these complex cases. If you are a passenger in an Uber accident, do not hesitate to hire an attorney to represent you in this matter. Once you do, Uber will realize you are determined to see your legal rights protected from start to finish.

Don’t Accept a Quick Settlement

When involved in this type of accident, it is likely Uber’s insurance company will contact you to offer a quick financial settlement. If this occurs, never accept until you have spoken to your attorney. In most cases, the money offered will be far less than what you could receive from a lawsuit, and will likely not begin to cover bills for medical treatment, lost wages, and the pain and suffering caused by the crash.

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